Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus & S22 Ultra – Display, Release Date, Price, Camera, Design & Processor

Hey guys, I’m glad you are back. In this video we are going to talk about upcoming smartphones from Samsung, the Galaxy S22, the S22 Plus & the S22 Ultra. We have talked about Display, Release Date, Price, Design, Processor, Specs of samsung devices.

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63 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus & S22 Ultra – Display, Release Date, Price, Camera, Design & Processor

  1. One thing about expandable storage :the inner storage has ufs3.1 tech whitch is very faster than any sdcard..consideribg sdcards speed,thay are just suitable for archiving some data

  2. And ofcourse we wanna see huge improvement in exynos version specialy heat problems that affects the lifespan of device .
    At least they should sell the exynos version with lower prices like 100dollars cheaper than qualcom

  3. Option to expand external storage should be there, I need it for my Samsung and didn't buy a s21 ultra cause there was no micro sd card slot I wanted 512gb plus expandable memory but wasn't available so how's was I mwnt to move my things there???

  4. Why Make a Phone Like The Galaxy S21 Ultra With No Explainble Storage And Then Coming Out With The Galaxy s22 Ultra With The Same Thing Samsung Yall Really Need Serious Help If That's The Case Don't Make No Phones Clowns 😡

  5. 1. MicroSD slot
    2. 1TB option that even S10+ had
    3.Better battery even if you increase size of the device
    Please? I did not buy s20 or s21 because of lack of SD card and 512 GB is not enough for me. Ultra series phones with 512GB and without microSD? Almost 2000 US$? Is this reasonable? He he…… Sorry guys in Samsung

  6. I disagree the S20 is better than the S21 in my and many other people's opinion. But I have too have a phone with a sd card because I've no intention off loosing thousands of songs videos films and photos.

  7. They need to bring back the micro SD card cause I have important info on the one I have. And I would like them to tweak out the ui a little more I miss the touch wiz. Or they should make it a little more like pure Android, with the moving background when you scroll on the home screen.

  8. With the increase in camera pixel count and the fact that people take lots of pictures, I think an SD card is necessary. I will not get a S21 for that exact reason.
    PS Samsung has dropped the ability before and brought it back by popular demand.

  9. I have the Note 10 plus I stop upgrading because Samsung remove the SD slot, I'm thinking 🤔 of switching to Sony because they have both the SD slot and headphones jack

  10. im planning on getting the s21 plus now because of the promos..been using my s8 for four years already..but they don't have the color i want, maybe it's a sign for me to wait s22🤣..

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