Samsung Galaxy S22 – GET READY!

Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus & Galaxy S22 Ultra! Codename leaks, Galaxy S21 FE officially confirmed, Samsung Galaxy Fold S Tri Fold Name & more!

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73 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S22 – GET READY!

  1. Not that I don't appreciate you reporting on all of the newest tech and everything, but these guys are just getting greedier and greedier and trying to rip us off for more and more money each year. That Galaxy fold s, it wouldn't surprise me that they ask $3,000 for it.
    Pretty soon you're not even going to get a phone in the box you're going to get just a box for $1,300.

  2. ???? already promoting the 2nd S flagship!! i beter hear some NEWS from the NOTE!!! and it better be worth it!! or imma burn Samsung down

  3. Codename Rainbow: It would be really cool if it would have an electrochromatic back which allows the user to change the color of the phone. Nowdays, this would actually bbe really easy and cheap to implement. I kind of expect that feature from such a codename.

  4. can we please go back to the looks of the S9 front? the bezel wasnt even that big of a deal, get these cameras off my screen, ty.

  5. Xeeeetcare it would be better if you stop with this. The s22 will not be coming out until next January. So How about you focus on note 21 ultra and stop click baiting

  6. Until they bring back as card support, the 100x zoom and the TOF camera, I'll be sticking with the s20 ultra. If and when it becomes obsolete, I will be looking for a device that has those features.

  7. Who ever said that samsungs phones are affordable is a rich 800 dollars ill just stick with xiaomi phones with better performance at half the price or lower

  8. Rainbow = All the colours
    Maybe to validate the insane importance of individualism we continue to see, it is an effort to allow device owners to select the colour of their devices.
    Possibly by way of an entire device wrapped by a single screen.

    I feel happy.. Well your phone is too and can be sunburnt blue..

    Samsung has to be looking for a better way to introduce their screen Tech…

  9. Not about the clunky price of the ultra/note, but the SIZE! I demand a phone/camera that is the size of a pocket phone and digital camera! IPhone mini is perfect but f* 12 MP & <Xx optical zoom.

  10. I want there to be an S22e, an S22, and an S22 Ultra. The S22e should be 6 inches, the S22 should be 6.5 inches, and the Ultra should be 6.8 inches. But that mostly won't happen

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