SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 – Game Changer!

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is coming with insane hardware and features that make it a true gamechanger in the smartphone industry! #GalaxyS22 #GalaxyS22Ultra #S22

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 is coming and its set …

63 thoughts on “SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 – Game Changer!

  1. I’m not holding my breath. Higher MP doesn’t not improve the overall quality and low light performance on cameras, Sony as proved this so. There’s a reason why they choose this route. Hopefully a 1 inch sensor provides the advantage here but it’s all about the R&D and engineering. I have a iPhone and as they may not be as innovative for when it comes to features. Video and photos seem to always be king due to the focus of the device becoming a cinema tool eventually one day. The R&D,quality and engineering is always ahead. Really want to switch due to my love of messing around with tech but as a cinematographer and gamer, apple still leads with support from developers (which gives them a edge for apps to take advantage of hardware (LumaFusion,) and sheer quality. I hope they encourage well known companies such as Adobe and Sony (for gaming connections within the industry) to really take advantage of this power. Even I become underwhelmed with apple on this at times although the support for creativity is deemed better.

  2. Anyone here watching with their Note 10+ who skipped Note 20 Ultra to wait for Note 21 Ultra and disappointed because it's not coming but excited now that Note 22 Ultra will be coming hopefully by Early 2022? I need to wait for 1 more year… I'm sure I can wait… 😖😖😖

  3. On an s20 I'd like to see the under display camera with a good high megapixal lenses and the ability to double as a macro like the 21 ultra but I want a sd slot and I want a 256 gb as base modle like with the note 10 plus and i like it to have an even better battery life along with the upgraded gpu even with the snapdragon chip

  4. Nice video, but Samsung is a lost cause for me when they removed micro sd card slot and 3.5 headphone jack to boost their Samsung earbuds sales. Corporate greed. Switched to Sony Xperia and really happy.

  5. I believe it, The Pixel 6, Galaxy S22 and of course iPhone will be good phones with their own feature sets. This new Material You and Pixel 6 might be the perfect marriage.

  6. People jump around with every new Samsung flagship but the thing is, Samsung tends to follow Apple, and they would literally follow any trend that iPhone shows up with (no headphone Jack, notch, and no charger) lololol 🤣

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