Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S20 FE – Surprising Truth

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S20 FE. Full Hands on comaprion between Galaxy S20 FE vs Galaxy S21 including specs, value, camera, design, display & More.

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73 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S20 FE – Surprising Truth

  1. The lack of accessories is not an issue of value, but an issue of: The customer don't matter.

    If you are a prestigious brand, you would aspire to deliver the most prestigious package to the consumer.

    What if Tesla stopped selling wheels?
    What if Starbucks stopped selling coffee in cups?
    What if architects design schools without classrooms?
    What if McDonald's sold you cheeseburgers without cheese?

    It's sad that in 2021, basic things like basic customer service and product essentials have to be taught.

  2. Picked up my FE with work plan for $30… I don't pay my phone bills so this is pretty much a great bump from my s9+.
    The s20+ was 690 so big difference.
    30 < 690 = 🙂

  3. Sd card is slower than ufs 3.1 that's why they skip it I think it wasn't necessary for no reason people love to keep photos videos to move into another phone and not losing it my own opinion And to lower the price even its higher without charging usb on the box

  4. As far as I know, the 5G version of the FE comes with a Snapdragon no matter the region. I have the Snapdragon version but I can confirm that the taking a night mode photo takes a long time on that model as well. Waiting a few seconds for it to actually take the photo is not so bad but then having to wait about as long for it to process it as well is a bit annoying. A few months ago when I was shopping around some people criticized the Pixel 5 for taking a bit of time to process photos. But at least it happens in the background and you can keep taking photos in the meantime. And the warning telling you to keep the phone steady doesn't even go away so at first I wasn't even sure if it was still capturing or not – it's not, I've tested it. This turned into a bit of a mini rant but overall I am happy with the phone 😀 But the camera experience could be a bit more streamlined and smoother in terms of performance.

  5. I switched from an iPhone Xr (red) to a Samsung S20 FE (pink) and ended up returning it and switched to an iPhone 11 (purple), still have my iPhone 11 but have switched to a Samsung s21, the one on this video

    i rather use it than my iPhone, the fingerprint is so much faster than on the FE, the iPhone can still unlock with FaceID from some crazy angles but the S21 is not far behind at all, I’ve loved to personalize the look of my Samsung with icon packs and customized widgets, gestures and any app that allows me to add something extra, for some reason photos seem more HD on the iPhone than on the Samsung but this just happens for the first few weeks until your eyes get used to the different screen and idk why this happens tbh lol after a while it starts to look normal as well 🤷🏻‍♀️ the camera has the same effect

    my biggest reason to keep the Samsung was the freedom I have with it, I literally have Mario Kart WII and Mario Bros on that phone I can’t do that on my iPhone 😂

    the back doesn’t make the s21 look cheap or anything like that and the processor definitely does it’s job, it definitely feels less heavy and fits better to the hand, when I pick up my iphone I feel like I’m holding a super outdated phone, instead, with my s21 I feel the technology 😂

  6. i was pretty troubled between the two. finally bought the s20 fe 256 version today, it has an storage card slot….and most things are similar to the s21

  7. Hi there, need your help… I dunno whether to choose Vivo X50 pro or Samsung S20 FE Exynos here in Malaysia…. Both around RM2300 – 2500… Based on your experience, which camera is better? Please help… Thanks

  8. The S20Fe actually has a few advantages not mentioned.
    1. The Speakers are much better than the S21
    2. The Battery life is definitely better. At least for the sd version.
    3. SD Card Support up to 1TB

    Considering that the S20Fe can now be bought for about 500 dollars, I'd say they're at least even.

  9. So I decided to go with the S21 vs the s20fe. I have already had to warranty my phone because the battery would die within 4 hours after a full charge and would also get extremely hot and the new one does exactly the same thing. My galaxy s8 plus has a way better battery life even today after having it for 5 years the battery crushes s21s. There are several other things that bug me about this phone compared to my s8+. With the S21I constantly get a message saying that the vpn isn't available. When I go into my settings in make sure turn it off and back on it still produces the message in it pops up on the screen every 3 to 5 seconds for sometimes 20-30 minutes at a time. I was also expecting the 5G to be faster and I have not noticed an improvement and I still sometimes have to wait for it to load because it's thinking. That is pretty annoying. I also have apps freeze up on me and won't work. Then after multiple attempts and closing out open screens, clearing my cache and cookies it will finally pull up the app isn't responding message. One of my apps even after restarting and deleting and reinstalling the app my phone will not work. So I contacted my provider and I ask what my options were because of the issues and that I am having the same ones in when she looked it up a lot of people were having my same issues with the phone heating up in the crappy battery life so they know it's an issue been waiting for an update and still nothing. They said I could Warranty it again and try another one or I have jump on demand so I could switch to a different phone and they would completely wipe out any thing that I owed. I am just disappointed, I was expecting a huge improvement and was extremely let down after trying a second time. I have been thinking about switching to Apple for a long time but I have been with Samsung since the beginning of time and I don't think that the transition will be to my liking because I am so used to help the Samsung works in the ability to Customise my home screen and the way the phone look where the apps are placed. I hear without both your pretty much stuck with what they give you. So I decided to check out the S21 ultra because it is supposed to be So I decided to check out the S21 ultra because it is supposed to be just a way better phone than next 21 and I compared it to the iPhone 12 Promax. They are very similar but all and all Samsung is the better phone. Ultimately I think the huge difference in the phone and how they're used it would be hard for me to get used to using the iPhone. I have also had an iPad and there were things about it that irritated me. Also they took away the phone jack and the charger and tSo now I'm going to look at the Samsung s20fe and the newest note phones. I am super disappointed in the s21. I have a huge decision to make.

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