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  1. Hi there, Just wondering if you could please help explain 1080p at 120fps, pro mode – the non-slow-mo variety. It seems in pro mode 120fps and 60fps only shoot at 24fps?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Bought the s21 ultra phantom black, for my surprise, it came with call recorder! OMG it`s about time to retire the mi 10T pro.
    The only phone at the moment that could beat the s21 ultra is the "King of Androids", mi 11 ultra, no more to say!

  3. Had this phone since release and love it, however I tried using wired headphones with the supplied dongle, most headphones rather didn't work or the volume is so low you cannot listen to anything, if you connect a headphone DAC this doesn't work full stop you get the message this item is not supported……Samsung says its because my headphones are to old? Without me telling them what they were…..then I asked them which would be compatible? They couldn't tell me

  4. Hi thanks for info but a bit confused as you mentioned a sd card, does it have duel sim also has the camera got 360 that's 1 thing I was hoping for on this phone

  5. I havnt upgraded my phone in a while. I'm upgrading to the 21 ultra in silver because I have the OnePlus 5t and that's Matt black and bored of black honestly.

  6. Got my s21 ultra 5G yesterday had to send my note 20 ultra back kept over heating and had white lines on screen going down & across when it got so hot I couldn't hold it in my hand,and its gutting as I loved my note,had the note repaired twice and still had the same issue ee gave me a replacement note after 2nd repair and that note had the same issue within 2 weeks of using it,so I switched to the s21 ultra,sent EE the note back and got the s21 ultra off them and im loving this phone so far got the 256gb phantom silver,miss my note though was my First Samsung after being a iPhone user for 9 years hope this one will be OK il never go back to iPhone

  7. Great review…..I have a iPhone 12 Pro….and again….I’ve got issues with it , apple customer service /tech support has been poor in my experience, and I’m fed up with having to drive to apple stores for replacements/Genius Bar…..I’m very tempted to switch inc Galaxy Watch 3 …….it’s a big leap across tho…so I’m nervous based on OS differences

  8. My s21 ultra (EUR version) can't focus well, the pictures are not clear (details and sharpness problem) – it's a step back from Note 10+ I'm very dissapointed !

  9. I am currently considering buying the S21 ultra because of the expanded 5000Ma/h Battery. however i am aware that as parts become more powerful they can draw more power, but also the chips can get more power efficient as well.

    so with this in mind i am unsure if buying the s21 ultra would resolve my concerns or not.

    I am wondering if I was to play the same game on an s21 Ultra and on a Note 9. Which phone would deplete the battery first. This is assuming both phones are set to FHD with adaptive brightness.
    If the S21 Ultra would last longer, by approximately how many addition hours of this quantity of intensive use.

    I did consider A series phones but the lack of Qi charging was a deal breaker for me.

    Any insights into this would be appreciated.

  10. this is my 3rd S21 U as the first two i had were faulty and on every single one the battery life is horrible , even with everything turned off , no background running apps ect, i can literally watch my battery drain just surfing face book

  11. In two minds on getting this phone but if I do it will be phantom black .
    What about the overheating problems are they still a issue .

  12. I don't care how good Samsung phones get there will be no more Samsung phones for me. the baked in ads that they put in One UI and their stock apps and is a deal breaker , good bye Samsung 👋

  13. I had to get the 512GB model. I've been using microSD cards to store all of my videos, music, and pictures. It was a let down that the S21 didn't have a microSD slot for me but 512GB should be enough. We'll see.

  14. I think you should do a review in why phone brands always concern with the camera and not the audio dac chip when most people on this days hear music from phones. So in a way we going forward with the cameras and in the other way they even remove the audio 19 bit crap dac chip instead of having headphone jack and implement a 32 bit dac chip with a good eq that does not change volumes. You should do a program about that. Phones companies moving backwards. I even had to buy an mp3 player because phones are crap. Wonder if one day someone will say. Fuck it, lets go back to headphone jack and a 32 bit dac inside because all people are using phones for music this days and we want to be the first. Mmmm Mmmmm

  15. Here in Australia its always Exynos in Samsung,apparently for SD888 it cost more so they sell Exynos for the same price,I just ordered through Samsung Australia the Samsung Ultra 21 5g for $1,599 aud for 256 gb,that comes with charger,but because I ordered Phantom Navy,which you can not buy here they order it from Korea,it takes 4 to 5 weeks for me to recieve it,but it's okay you must have patience.

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