Samsung Galaxy S21 FE – GOOD NEWS

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will be much cheaper than its predecessor according to the latest reports. The Fan Edition smartphones are usually the same as the original but with some corners cut to keep the price down. But the Galaxy S21 is already a cut-down version in itself but Samsung is …
So the Galaxy S21 series is one of the ambitiouslaunches that Samsung has done, and all three.phones are doing well in the market as faras reception is concerned..However, Samsung is also planning on launchingthe Galaxy S21 FE in a couple of months along.with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3..The Fan Edition smartphones are usually thesame as the original but with some corners.cut to keep the price down..Last year’s Galaxy S20 Fan Edition broughta flat screen along with a plastic back, but.considering how the base Galaxy S21 this yearis already offering these things, I’m not.really sure how Samsung will be cutting morecorners..We already know what the device will looklike thanks to the CAD renders and it basically.looks identical to the Galaxy S21..We also know the specifications of the handsetand it’s also almost similar to the S21 offers a little bigger screen size anda little smaller battery..The one thing that we have not heard so faris the price, and although people were expecting.that the phone is going to cost the same asits predecessors the S20 FE, the latest report.talks about something else, and optimistic..According to a report from South Korea, theGalaxy S21 FE is expected to be priced between.700,000 won to 800,000 won which if you translateis roughly around $625 to $715..For comparison, the Galaxy S20 FE last yearwas priced at 900000 won in South Korea..So this means the S21 FE will be $100 to $200cheaper than the S20 FE which is great news..To give you some more context, the 5G versionof the S20 FE last year had a $700 price tag,.so considering the report, I would expectSamsung to price the S21 FE at $599 a good price since the S21 still costsa couple of hundred dollars more..With that said, it’s guaranteed at this pointthat the Z Fold 3 will have an universe is shedding more light on this..He says that the under-display camera techon the Z Fold 3 is better than any other implementations.seen so far, the light transmittance throughthe display onto the camera sensor is actually.more than 40%..He even mentions that the quality of the frontcamera is as good as the conventional front.cameras..One of the ways Samsung is able to achievethis is by removing the polarizer layer from.the top of the display and using a differentlayer that’s multiple times thinner..This also helps the display to go brighterthan before since the layer won’t absorb as.much light as before and as a result, thebattery life will be better..Now, Unfortunately, there is still a trade-off..Ice Universe says that the camera is not perfectlydisguised and the display kind of looks like.a mosaic around that area..He even included an image to tell us whathe’s talking about..Now, we’ll have to wait and see if this somethingthat you’ll notice in all conditions or in.some special cases such as in direct sunlight..Anyway, Ross young contrary to previous reportssays the Z Fold 3 will be thicker than the.Z Fold 2..That’s because of the digitizer Samsung hasto put beneath the display to enable the S.Pen functionality..Of course, do consider subscribing for allthe latest tech news and as always I’ll tomorrow…Peace out.

63 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S21 FE – GOOD NEWS

  1. A little bigger screen size?
    You sure?
    The S20 FE has a 6.5 inch display whereas the S21 FE will have a 6.4 inch display.
    Thats smaller.
    And the cheaper price backs this up.
    Smaller screen, smaller battery, and if I recall correctly, no SD card slot.

  2. Should i buy the s21 or wait for the fe?
    I feel that the normal s21 has so many corners cut already i dont know how will they will make it cheaper without ruining it

  3. Samsung is clearly the best smartphone maker in the world. We are going to get some sick with it phones coming really soon. I love Samsung no other company comes close. Great videos Sal. Stay safe brother 🙏 Samsung forever. 😅🤣😂

  4. I'm going to wait and see what the Google phones will be like, I wanted to get the S21 Ultra but has not dropped price in my country and it's way over priced, so might be bye Samsung (only phones I ever had) and hello Google.

  5. A month ago bought Xiaomi mi11. Paid £490. Have everything latest now. Can't see Samsung pricing their phones like that. But if they would price fan edition phones in similar range (£500 range) I would definitely consider buying.

  6. I wonder why Samsung is still doing bad things at marketing
    Instead of skyrocketing the prices at first and then drop it hell 4-5 months later, it could just price it right from the beginning, if s21 starts at 600$ s21+ at 800 and s21 ultra at 999$ and kept the prices till the end of the year then they shouldn't have released fe phone
    Also it's great for after markets and the devices will get even bigger support from accessories and stuff
    But Samsung habit of releasing a phone every 2-3 month is still here and won't go anywhere

  7. I don't think S21 FE has that exciting element as the S20FE. Basically everything is same except the processor and the design, from what we've seen so far. Although the price of the S21 line-up is still high in the Samsung official website, retailers have already cut about $200 in every models and will continue to do so with every passing month. So I don't see FE doing better than the standard models. They should've instead gone with a Note FE phone, for obvious reasons. Note Lovers would have something they actually like, an actual Note phone with a stylus inside, a boxy-squarish design, new and much better processor (Exynos) than the last iteration of Notes etc. I'd have no problem paying $100 more for that phone instead.

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