Samsung Galaxy S21 – AMD SURPRISE..

Samsung Galaxy S21 FInalize specs, AMD Surprise role in Exynos 2100 tuning, Exynos 2100 teaser, Samsung ditching qualcomm & More news.

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73 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S21 – AMD SURPRISE..

  1. If anybody wants to see geekbench score of exynos 2100 go to geekbench browser and type Samsung SM-G996B you will see the geekbench score of exynod 2100 from october 2020 to 5th jan 2021

  2. While it’s good news for Samsung, Apple won’t be resting on their laurels. They have better M1 tech in their CPU roadmap that will keep it ahead of Samsung for quite a long time. The only thing Apple is concerned about, at the end of the day, is Apple. They produce products for optimization of their products and their products alone so they will never be concerned about what anybody else in the industry is doing as long as their products remain the premium value, high margin industry standard that they currently are today.

  3. Lol Samsung armies are so excited. It's like they're seeing some bit of hope after Apple obliterated Samsung in every category the past years lmao. Dont get too excited. Dont remember how many times Samsung has disappointed you these past years? Stockholm syndrome I guess. Bet when it launches, none of u will buy Samsung flagships anyway. Most of u are all Galaxy A users, with non-flagship chips. At least for Apple, everybody gets the best chip 😀 Lulz.

  4. I know why they still chose apple over samsung in past years here in asia cause of the faster processor, maybe, but if this video is true and they beat the apple and still they bought apple, i conclude myself that majority of people's eye are just on the brand, not specs.

  5. well, if Exynos can surpass Qualcomm, then not only Sammy but every other OEMs will run for it eventually.
    The newer sd888 is really disappointing irl, so a change in SoC industry is due for a long time.

  6. Rip Samsung, not that I'm too sad because they probably have one of the most boring operating systems in the game in my opinion beside Google pixel

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  8. The 'chargeless' package is against the law here in Brazil. Apple is forced to deliver a charge free of price with all iPhone 12. Samsung will have to do the same.

  9. Apple will still have the more technically advanced chips though. They only have 2 high performance cores, half of sd 888 yet it beats it in multicore benchmark.

    So even if exynos beats them now next year they'll just add another core or something.

    But then again apple has optimization on its side.

  10. Y'all are acting like the exynos processors have been superior to snapdragon chips over the last few years. I'm pretty sure battery life and performance has been consistently worse. AMD that well known manufacturer of mobile phone cpu/gpus. A bit like Harmon Kardon tuned mobile phone loudspeakers. I hope Samsung proves me wrong, but exynos chips have burned me before.

  11. Hello my friend,is it official that it will not have note 21. Because I want to wait if note 21 arrive. Please inform me if you know. Thanks a lot, nice work!!

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