Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – What’s The Problem?

How will the Samsung Galaxy S20 …

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  1. Just bought a new samsung tv and the only buttons I always seem to press are the netflix and prime buttons they strategically put in the way of everything else. And the phone screens have serious burn in issues.

  2. My s20 ultra arrives today so excited i am from the uk and in full lockdown hate it here at least ille have my new phone to entertain me 😊😋🤩🤩

  3. Malaysia – everyone need to stay at home since 18 Mar. It should end until 14 April. I hope we don't need to extend it. Only one person per family can go out to buy stuff. Only food store and grocery store are open. Include pharmacies..

  4. Location: Trinidad and Tobago
    cases: 106
    Deaths: 8
    Recovered: 1
    Status: all schools, restaurants, bars, non-essential businesses closed. No curb-side pick up is allowed any more and hospitals are in need of PPE. All borders are closed. Grocery stores and pharmacies remain ope but at less hours and banks are closing. People have been asked to create masks and stay inside. Police has been deployed on streets to monitor travel and send home non-essential travelers.

  5. Location: Nunavut, Canada
    Cases: 0
    Status: everything closed except essential businesses like grocery stores and airports, but I doubt that 0 cases report because, only 400 people were under investigation out of 40,000 for the population of Nunavut.

  6. Dallas North Carolina 15 minutes from downtown Charlotte got the coronavirus test showed up negative so I got to go back to work they check us each time we go into work if we don't have fever. They give us to face mask . I do online shopping for customers but hopefully this thing will be done soon

  7. They over talked the camera set-up im not happy with my ultra not happy at all very disappointing. Battery is OK but the camera is terrible no detail darkened areas are way to dark next plan is iPhone

  8. The auto focus (or lack thereof) makes the Ultra practicality unusable for video. It's the worst I've ever experienced. My S10+ blows it away with it's ability to find and HOLD focus with ease.

  9. Unbox Therapy – Please just if you can contact samsung directly and ask if this focus issue in s20 ultra is hardware or software issue ? If its software when can it be fixed ? … I'm trying to choose between the s20 ultra and 11 pro max and im going crazy over here , probably most of the people are …

  10. I wouldn't mind some videos on how to get the most out of the camera. I see these promo videos and expect that quality right put the box. Idk how to play around with all those settings. I've had my galaxy note 9 for about a year and a half just discovered the pro mode for pictures. Just some quick tips for the novice would be cool

    Edit: Southern Georgia (USA)
    # of cases isn't really high in this area but it's growing
    I've been home for about a month. Was evacuated from Peace Corps in the Caribbean

  11. Location:Mexico city
    Cases:6875 until today
    recovered:2125 until today
    status: like all my neighborhood I'm in home office working and also this situation is overloading the Internet connection in my location at noon. Only food stores and supermarkets are giving service, there's few people going outside but you can count them with one hand.

  12. What's the problems more like. Should be renamed the S20 Ultra Gimmick.
    1) needless 100X zoom.
    2)needless 8K vid recording
    3) three new variants of S20 released with camera not up to scratch. Absolutely shocking.
    4) still only aluminium build quality.
    Plus a sizeable price hike for 128gb.
    All of this will drive Sammy fans to ios or pixel.
    Personally being a Sammy user of 10 years, I've had enough of it.
    Time to switch sides and explore iOS. At this stage I'd rather spend on top quality without the gimmicks.

  13. Live in Michigan. Infected and deaths are in the crazy range as well as the blind ignorance. Detroit is one of the hardest hit. So much so, that they not only have freezer trucks but also are using hotel rooms for temporary body storage. I am still working, but in Lansing where cases aren't nearly as bad. We'll have to see what happens NOW after the ridiculous display they put on at the capital

  14. Was interested in watching this video, as I am researching for an upgrade. But when homeboy started going on about the virus I turned it off. I didn't look for this video to hear about something that has literally taken over our lives. I came here to check out a phone review. Very disappointing.

  15. Location: South Carolina
    Cases: 4.3k
    Deaths: 119
    Recovered: 67%
    Situation: We're on lockdown and my family aren't getting a stimulus check cause they're both unemployed and disabled. I can't receive on cause I'm 19 and a dependent. Cases in my country are low (88). Also we had two tornados. The second one might come around soon in a few hours.

    Everyone stay safe 🙂

  16. Location: England
    Cases: 143k
    Deaths: 19,506
    Status: all schools, colleges and universitys are closed aswel as all restaurants are all closed. We have been in lockdown for atleast 8 weeks now and has been extended for at least another 3 weeks

  17. I'm getting seasick…
    Location: Pacific Ocean
    Status: Curfews active on and off; We're asked to stay home voluntarily or use masks and the 6-ft separation rule; Crime is up; Cases are 604 Confirmed, 482 Recovered, and 14 Dead; Tourists are quarantined for 2 weeks upon arrival; Most businesses are closed; I've been outside once in the last five weeks. No UFO activity reported. Wow, your viewership is worldwide! Congrats! And thanks for this change of pace dude. Stay immaculate!

  18. Please i want to ask you about s20 ultra i have one so when i used some time i have problem maybe because the software in touch screen, the battery it's go lower more quickly than when first days when i used and the pictures when i make zoom they lose pixels not too much quality and this back about the light in the room so
    i think to change it to iPhone 11pro or iphone11 Pro max can give advice for that i respect your experience and i see all your videos.
    greetings …

  19. DONT BUY!!!!!!!! I Bought it a week ago. Camera is shit. Fucking hate it. Contacted Samsung and they asked me to attach a video so they could see the issue…. well with a 108mp camera that can shoot 8k you can't exactly attach a file with a 25mb upload limit. Fuck samsung. This phone is shit. MY IPhone 7 took better videos.

    Also "100x space zoom" it can't zoom in on a bottle 5 metres away and make any text out clearly. Piece of shit, however samsung got away with claiming it can do all this amazing photography stuff.

    Also my mate has the s20 instead of s20 ultra, and his camera shits on this ones quality, yet Samsung will tell you the ultra is better all-round?

  20. Location: Canada
    Cases: 68k+
    Recovered: 31.3k+
    Deaths: 4.7k+

    Status: All schools closed, for the time being, except Quebec elementary schools soon; most parks and museums closed. Living life in Quarantine @ home indoors :-:

  21. The isolation is causing some significant social changes but it hasn't stopped me from walking around outside. The isolation has been somewhat therapeutic as well in Michigan.

  22. Location: United kingdom, Newcastle upon Tyne.
    Situation: Working from home, everything closed, under house arrest.
    Purchased: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, expensive, flawed, amazing phone.

  23. I bought the plus version if it's got the same s*** looking camera than hell no I'll take that back 'cause that was expensive Because I'm a poor mother f*** and I don't get to spend very much money very often and I want the best the best if I can have it then what the f*** is the point

  24. America 4 months later, -Protesters, looter, and rioters no cases mainstream media told us.
    -People indoor everyone dying mainstream media told us.

  25. All phones are same , just changes in ram , cpu , screen & camera . Don't waste money , keep ur phone for atleast 2 years . People are very very stupid running behind number games either on youtube Facebook…. or same looking phones .


  27. I am looking to buy a new phone. With mini SD card expandability. I was looking at the S 20 + 5G.
    Do you know if the camera issue has been fixed on the latest models and if so is it really worth it or should I wait for a different model to come out any suggestions on a different phone also

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