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Samsung Galaxy Note10+ | First Look at the New Smartphone


– [Eric] Hi, I'm here with Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus which if you are not familiar, is the one with the stylus You can use for all of the things that you would expect to use a stylus for

Namely, doodling and writing recognition The stylus also has a click on top which is not just good for fidgeting, which I personally enjoy But you can also use it as a remote control for certain aspects of the phone There's also an accelerometer in the stylus so you can sort-of 'gesture' like a Harry Potter situation and control the phone that way You can, sort-of, set your phone up to take a picture of yourself or yourself and friends

You can wave the stylus to either zoom in, zoom out, click the button and take pictures that way So it's sort-of a built-in photo bulb There's the regular Note 10, the Note 10 Plus, which are different in size The Note 10 has a 63 inch diagonal screen

The Note 10 Plus has a 68, so a little bit larger Their screens are different resolutions The Note 10 has a full HD screen The Note 10 Plus has a quad HD screen, a little bit more pixel density, a little bit sharper picture, as a result

But they both have HDR Plus when it comes to the colors Both the Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus have this three camera cluster with a telephoto lens, a wide lens, and an ultra wide lens Also has a depth vision camera which is used for the Note's new 3D scanning tech The Note 10 Plus gear has 12 gigabytes of RAM It also has a 4,300 milliamp hour battery

Comes in a number of colors like most smartphones now days This is the Aura Glow background Which struck me as a little bit gaudy at first but now I love it It looks like the underside of a CD-ROM The Note 10 Plus has a slightly higher resolution screen

I think you'd be pretty hard pressed to notice it I certainly haven't noticed it It's the difference between 458 pixels per inch on the iPhone XS Max 498 pixels per inch on the Note 10 Plus So, until I got the Note 10 Plus, which I've switched over to as my daily driver now, I was using the Google Pixel 3, which is also a great phone

Buttons are on a different side, minor detail I've been using the Pixel 3 for four or five months The biggest thing I noticed about switching to the Note 10 Plus is the battery life is so much better My Pixel 3 will die on me before the end of the day if I'm using it a lot Haven't run into that problem once yet with the Note 10 Plus, using it pretty heavily for about a week and a half now

What I have here is the Note 10 Plus with 256 gigabytes of storage So that is as tested This is a $1,100 phone So a little bit pricey It only goes up from there

And then for even more overkill option, you can opt for the Galaxy Note 10 Plus with 512 onboard storage and a 5G radio which I don't recommend because there's not enough 5G out there That will run you $1,400, which is a heck of a lot of phone If you're looking to get any flavor of the Galaxy S10 or the Note 10, it's worth your time to go through and do a spec check of model to model because there's a lot of subtle, little, fiddly differences They don't matter a lot but you don't want to get caught off guard

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