Samsung Galaxy Note Z – Sliding in to FUTURE

Future is slidable. Galaxy Note 22 should be a Note Z. …

63 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note Z – Sliding in to FUTURE

  1. I don't want a foldable or expanding phone. I HATE these curved sides! Just give me my high end Note Ultra and leave all that crap off of it! Seriously, I only want/need my Note phone. And it doesn't need to fold or expand! Bloody hell….

  2. Foldable screens with no crease, hidden cameras, foldable laptops.
    I'm so glad I escaped that 60hz notched ecosystem.
    Bought the s21 but it seems I'll be looking at that note z

  3. I JUST bought S21 Ultra 3 weeks ago 😢😢 I'm committed to this for at least 2 years, possibly 3. But on a good note, I haven't even tapped into half of its capabilities yet but I AM already in love. 😂 It's fast, photos don't even need edited before sharing… Believe the hype, it's bada**.

  4. The foldable laptop is cool, not sold on the Note yet. I love my Fold2, definitely looking forward to its third iteration. I envision the next Note similar in design as the Microsoft Surface phone. I'm glad that foldable is the future. Going back to an old school slab feels like going back in time.

  5. No it doesn't need to happen and like electric cars literally nobody is actually asking for it. They are just pushing new tech. I think the notes a phone that shouldn't have been touched its fine as it is

  6. Good hardware, but the android support is suck! Not all apps support samsung new screen design, different from Apple, which is always good at software and hardware, I love samsung but, if it still using Android, poor samsung 🤧

  7. It looks nice but it's going to be foolish because you cannot have a case to protect that thing. you are going to see a lot of videos of people dropping it and destroying it over and over again…… there needs to be a warning sign on it to "only use it for indoors and around carpet floors"

  8. We heard these rumors when were kids from apple aswell. But it never turned out to be true. Not always imagination comes true. Samsung should make their own internal components like chips first than talk about innovation. Otherwise apple will completely erase samsung from the tech history books.

  9. You guys think apple cant make screens for its iphones? Its a business strategy “things that you can buy cheaply from the market, you dont need to invest in planting a factory to produce that material”.

  10. Samsung puts bigger batteries to improve battery life from their previous model, while on the other hand apple is working on making their chips more efficient to work more efficiently and consume less power from the same old capacity battery. Lol. One idea with two completely different approaches.

  11. Lets suppose what if samsung has to deal with the same problem that Huawei faced. What if android boycots samsung, what if qualcomm boycotts samsung. Would they still be alive in the market.

  12. You guys think samsung is helping apple to survive by providing them screens? Lol. Infact apple is giving them earnings via buyin screens from them. Otherwise can easily instal their own screens production factory..

  13. I wish the future would be about gadgets that are enough for most use and excellent in just the truly awe inspiring areas like cameras. Better screens and all the other futurism is just vain consumerism that’s destroying the Earth.

  14. You mean "OTHER ASIAN BRANDS" don't limit other wireless companies/brands to just "Chinese" that is so stereotypical, inconsiderate, disrespectful, and beyond rude. I understand where you're getting at dude, and I get that you meant no harm, but still, it wasn't cool

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