Samsung Galaxy Note 21 – Epic Comeback?

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  1. Samsung should not discontinue NOTE. I have been using it since note 3 and for me switching to even S series is bit scary. Nothing feels complete without THAT SATISFYING S PEN.

  2. I guess samsung occasionally listens to what customers want from them. They've no doubt improved their foldable devices after some worst feedbacks from the customers, still Fold concept is not durable at all. Few more stupid moves from Samsung are, no updates and support on their older devices and they are always experimenting with their flaships. They should go for step by step improvements not random experiments. Lastly, if its between S and Note … Note should be retained…


  4. I do not know nor understand why you have to kill off The Note series at all..!!! Just call the next phone The Note and that's it, no numbers no letters, just call it The Note series phone that's the brand name. Why does the series have to end? It can just be an endless assembly line model of The Note and the end of The Note could be the year Note 2020, Note 2021, Note 2022, Note 2023, whatever whatever if it has to have some kind of letter or number after its name..

  5. I never forget my first time using Note 2. The device was so incredible. Maybe in late 2021 I will give Note 21 a chance since my old iphone 7p will be used for 5 years by then. I don't like iphone series anymore because the screen just like a hair of middle-aged man–decapitation.

  6. Being a huge fan of Galaxy Note Series and owning Note 1, Note 4, Note 8, I am eagarly waiting for Note 21. Samsung should continue Note series, its premium and unique. It would be disappointing if they stop making another note 🙁

  7. I'm a little depressed
    I'm watching this on a Note10
    I'm Deffffffinitely going to buy a Note21, even if it takes a Kidney!!!
    ●edit: Note10 is my first Note and I really really luvvvvv it

  8. when will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra 5G will be Launch is that this mid year or when do you have any idea when please let us know if that will be launch soon thank you? 😊🙂🙂

  9. When the note goes away I'll also go, there's no need to buy the z fold if they can't get it done right by putting a pen into it without being ip68 rated and the screen isn't as sensitive to the pen or fingerprints

  10. I hope they will also add faster charging to the Note. I've seen their making a 60 watt charger that will be coming this year to some phones. I hope one of them is the Note 21.

  11. Looks like note 21 will be my last phone forever. I chose Samsung only because they had unique S-pen integration with note series. Shame on you samsung. You lost a fan. Note series was the best and always on top of the best with all specs and features

  12. Wish list for Samsung Note 21 <— "Note" to Samsung Electronics
    ▪︎Note 21 to be announced in August 2021
    ▪︎Processors to be 888+ & exynos 9925
    ▪︎ 120Hz adaptive refresh rate at all times (this is totally doable and I expect nothing less)
    ▪︎ screen to be 6.8 or 6.9 inches with at least 93%screen to body ratio and can be slightly curved.
    ▪︎16GB of RAM
    ▪︎5500 mAH battery
    ▪︎Micro SD card storage or increase interal storage with no price change or minimal price change
    ▪︎Heart rate monitor sensor
    ▪︎S Pen with improvements (also Pen silo to be on right hand side like on Note 10, Note 9..)
    ▪︎Under display camera or UPC(under panel camera)
    ▪︎Rear Camera and video improvements on pair with S21 Ultra or/and better)
    ▪︎UWB(ultra wide band frequency) so I can unlock my car or communicate with my family's phones/home devices/ door locks in secure way.
    ▪︎Fingerprint's scaner to be on the power button
    ▪︎ To leave magnetic secure transmission (MST) available to Note users

  13. I'll tell you what, Most of the Note users are Businessmen or some old people that still don't believe in foldables and rollables. Even I being a teenager, I also agree with them as they are less durable, their cases and screen protectors are a miracle to find. And most importantly, the technology has not matured enough for that.
    So even if they try to replace it with this rollable, it won't sell as much as the "NOTE" Note!

  14. Every time Samsung makes a phone and takes away the Micro SD card it is very frustrating because now they are making a iPhone clone. I know majority of business professionals, law enforcement, and people that like the ability have a micro slot on there phone to expand memory. I thought Samsung wanted to be the number 1 phone maker, however making that decision they are just saying care about people who have bought there phones and supported the brand. I hope an executive or employee see this and fix this problem.

  15. G'day from Australia
    Now, I'm going to give you all my prediction on the Galaxy Note series.
    I believe that Samsung will not discontinue the Note, but will improve it by having a Rollable screen, probably 1.6 times wider at full extension.

    Maybe this year we might see a Galaxy R/Note 21 ultra.
    If we get the R/Note 21 ultra this August, it will be similar to the S21 ultra with the same specification, but with NO CAMERA ON THE FRONT DISPLAY. A new dedicated Portrait camera added to the rear camera module, next to it, a small screen to occupy the remaining area at the top.
    This would allow to do selfies, as the small screen will show the image of the cameras.
    I'm hoping that there will be a sim slot to expand the ROM of the phone.
    This will make the new Note series a true flagship for the Samsung's phones.

  16. If they kill the note line, at least make the S series Ultra be the new Note. I want it all, but I don't want foldable just yet. I don't think it's primetime for that feature at this time.

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