Samsung Galaxy Note 2022 – This is special

Fully transparent UDC for Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra 2022, Galaxy S22 Ultra UDC 1st gen status, Galaxy S21 FE Official colors, Z flip 3, Fold 3 Price & More!

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62 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2022 – This is special

  1. Let me ask you, has DJ Koh ever said something that he flip flopped on? Of course he has. If they can make the S-Pen work on the Fold, similar to how it works on the Note, there's no need for the Note. It caters to a specific, albeit surprisingly-broad niche. With it now being similar to the S line and with the Fold now having the larger screen. Once they get the S-Pen working on the Fold, there will be ZERO need for the Note.

  2. the note should not be scrapped. it’s in a league of its own, an icon and beast of a phone. samsung can and should do away with some of the mid range phones instead, if they are worried about cannibalising some of their other products but shouldn’t touch the premium phones. it would be silly. there is no need for so many a series phones and fe editions etc i think.

  3. I am personally glad they won't use a half-baked UPC in their next phones just for the sake of being first, I am happy with punch holes as long as they provide good selfies.

  4. Im always want see a note 2022 as fan. But due to chip shortage, let's say z fold 3 is alternative to note 21.

    But im still note fan. Becauas of stylus, it was important and matter for me.

  5. TO be 100 % honest , for me i could not care less about the under display selfie camera , a punch hole is fine with me if the camera quality is good.
    I would much rather see samsung stop wasting time and energy on essentially a no big deal item the under display camera , and just bring back features all galaxys once had , like the 3,5 mm head phone jack , the SD card , a charger in the box ,and even a cheap set of wired ear buds would be great , and bring back the proper galaxy note with all these features ( A flat display proper flagship option would be nice too ) .
    Now finally exynos users are getting better value with a slightly better chipset , those that want a flagship note with all the features would not begrudge paying a few extra bucks for a proper galaxy flagship IMO , but as a long time galaxy user , if samsung continues to sell less featured phones then they will be off my shopping list ..

  6. They should focus on the “Rollable” device instead of foldable like Oppo and LG are doing. That tech is awsome and much more functional in my opinion

  7. I'm commenting purely on my opinion but does anyone really care about having a tiny punch hole for the camera on the front? I mean yes it would be nice if they could eventually hide it but it's not a make or break in my opinion!

  8. I prefer a small punch hole with top notch pics's and videos in all lighting over shitty camera quality & a display that looks like it has screen burn in where the camera is.

  9. I think they should save it for the note 22 just to be safe. A small punch cut out is perfectly fine in my opinion. Way better than a notch. I prefer the pill cut out on my s10plus even over a notch. The cut out on my s20 goes so unnoticed tbh. Definitely save it and get it right!

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