Samsung Galaxy G – Beast UNLEASHED.

Samsung Gaming Smartphone.★ To potentially score $20,000 to Build Your Perfect …

62 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy G – Beast UNLEASHED.

  1. This is lame, do we really need another gaming smartphone, No. How about a dual screen gaming tablet pc with a mechanism like that of the LG Wing or the surface Duo smartphone, I could use that.

  2. S21 ultra overheats just recording video, let alone to be able to handle gaming. lol. Gaming on the note 20 ultra was so much better! Hell gaming on my old nite 10 plus was better then the s21 ultra.

  3. But what is the use of that no games will take advantage of amd gpu and develop increased graphics for one phone that doesn't sell well look at iPad it it too powerful but they were no game with increased graphics for it

  4. Samsung bring 765G equivalent chip at 50k and say "G" stands for GAMING. "There u have it blindfanbois, A gaming phone for u all. U will buy every shit, E-waste we makes"

    Such a rip off brand. If they really bring stuff to the table, not less than 80k INR (wtf cares for gaming phone at that price)

  5. Shut up and take my money.
    Honestly , xbox game pass already comes with samsung phones.I was already going to buy Lenovo Legion Duel or Lenovo Legion Duel 2. Or on but on budget side Red Magic 6r.

  6. Before Samsung Gaming Smartphone.
    Le Xiaomi: We Are the Gaming Company
    Le Asus: We are the Best Gaming Company
    Lenovo: Same as Asus
    After Samsung Gaming Smartphone With AMD.
    LE Samsung: This Is Your End. Time to Destroy You.

  7. A gaming phone from Samsung will be fantastic. Get ready Asus ROG, Lenovo Legion, ZTE Nubia Red Magic, Xiaomi Black Shark and others! You are all about to have a solid, powerful counterpart.
    Really appreciate your efforts!

  8. gaming phones are mostly overpriced pointless and gimmicky. for the same price you can get normal phone+ gaming console like nintendo switch and get more value for money.

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