Samsung Galaxy Book vs Pro vs Pro 360 | 2021 Laptops Compared

Comparing the Samsung Galaxy Book laptop with the Pro and Pro …

63 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Book vs Pro vs Pro 360 | 2021 Laptops Compared

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  2. I know that the pro ssd can be upgraded but pro 360 can’t. But which one lets you upgrade the RAM. Last year’s ION 15 was both RAM and ssd upgradable

  3. Do these have Kensington locks? Thefts happen often where I live & I don't want someone to snatch it while I'm at Starbucks trying to grab my coffee. I'd like to know which models have it

  4. Didn't know I could chuckle so consistently throughout a tech review. Many thanks for that.

    Do you know if any Pro 360 models offer a USB-A port? Like maybe just the maxed out 15" i7, 16gb ram, 1TB ssd model? I'm finding conflicting information out there.

  5. Hey, is there any jitter while drawing diagonal lines slowly using the new S-pen? not sure if there ever was any jitter on S-pens, but I am really having issues with my new HP Spectre x360 14 which has some heavy jitter while drawing diagonally using the HP tilt pen which came along with it.

  6. Hi all, anyone can answer this question I am confuse about, The laptops has wifi build in or wifi 5G support by LTE, can some explain what is the different by having that or not.

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  8. Hi, for galaxy book pro 15, do you think there are 2 x nvme slot? Thank you. Also for the RAM I can see max is 32G in some specification. Does it come with 16 or 32G max for Galaxy book pro 15?

  9. I have just received the Samsung Book Pro today and after setting it up and installing the Windows 10 updates I realized the bottom of the computer was bumpy, might have gotten too hot maybe? I do not know, nothing was on the way of the air vents and I was not doing any heavy duty tasks. I have already told Samsung and I will be return it tomorrow.

  10. Just gor myself one, £499 with a trade in of my old laptop for £200!:). Only paid £350 for my old one to begin with so im well chuffed!!!

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