Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Review – Watch this Before Buying!

Review of the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro. Is this the best …

63 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Review – Watch this Before Buying!

  1. This laptop feels more like a Galaxy A72 then a Galaxy S21 Ultra, pretty let down. Thank you for not simping this laptop like every other reviewer.

  2. I expected way more from Samsung. They make so much in-house and are known for high quality stuff, yet they bring out something so… lacking.

  3. I completely agree about the aspect ratio. Having 16:10 helped MacBooks stand out for years before Windows laptops began the trend a couple years ago. I mean, the LG Gram is all about bragging about the weight of the device. All the marketing is around that. LG could have continued giving 16:9 displays to keep the weight down, but even the Gram went 16:10. Anyway, my rant is over lol…my point is i feel like Samsung concentrated more on the weight of the device than the actual experience of the user.

  4. If Apple released this device, Apple would get ROASTED. Unbox Therapy would be all over it, doing its only non-sponsored video of the year (and sponsored by the manufacturer of the unit being reviewed, which is fine here and there, but is annoying when it is every video…it completely kills credibility). Ohhhh, click gait!! Click gait!!!! Lol okay I'll stop now…just saying the standard is different for Samsung… Thank you, Matt, for giving an honest review of this thing.

  5. Great video Matthew! Very nicely and briefly explained the salient features and drawbacks. But I just have one thing to say: when you compare Samsung's quick share to Apple's Airdrop, you say that it only works on Galaxy and not others. Well, I could say the say the same about is supposed to work in the same ecosystem. So what Samsung is doing is nothing different than what Apple has been doing for years!

  6. scroll white text over black background and Oled just like VA will look like the dirtiest puddle. Not recommended for text readers and dark mode users

  7. I returned mine. The display is only O.K., it was too dim, and the fact that you touch it just leads to tons of fingerprints. The 13 inch screen somehow feels smaller than the one on my Air. It felt flimsy, the touchpad puts up too much resistance and the click feels absolutely awful. My fingerprint scanner didn’t work 3/4 of the time. I went back to my Air, it feels better in every way other than a touchscreen

  8. Interesting video Matt,
    as you know I´m using the 13" Pro 360 now for more than a week now.
    Screen is the same but of course sharper on the 13" and touch which works good although I have not used the included pen.. yes the brightness is limited and could cause issues outside + the 16:9 is not 2021ish.. but the OLED is lovely and special for 1200€.
    Touchpad can be clicked on the 13" too but only when its closed and you put pressure on the back of the screen where the trackpad is under it.. that´s because the screen is so thin.
    Samsung Update App works for me fine and with it you have always the latest drivers and firmware.
    Speakers don´t get loud.. bass is low.. simply said they are bad.
    keyboard feels good for me and my layout (german qwertz) is good too. I got used to it really quick.
    All in all I feel like there are some major differences in user experience when you compare the 13" Pro 360 and the 15" Pro which don´t show up when you just look at the specs..
    keep up the good work !

  9. Totally different experience for me. Love the keyboard, laptop has been extremely quiet all week, screen is gorgeous and brightness is good.
    I haven't experienced the touchpad click while lifting the laptop but then again i never picked up a laptop like that in the last 15 years so …
    MacBook Air, BTW, is $100 more expensive with comparable specs AND It's still only 13".

  10. "Important to 5 people out there". Exactly! Love the witticisms! I agree 100% with the review, which is why I went with the XPS 15 9500. Pricier but worth it. I really wanted this laptop to work since I'm a Note20 Ultra user … but, sadly, no. Underwhelming!

  11. Lol he said nothing about the speakers but the comparison proved that ultra thin laptops have issues with producing full sound. It's just a sacrifice you have to be aware of.

  12. Lol he said nothing about the speakers but the comparison proved that ultra thin laptops have issues with producing full sound. It's just a sacrifice you have to be aware of.

  13. That squashed up keyboard was bringing back bad memories of terrible laptop keyboards and I looked at the enter key on my mechanical keyboard and had a sigh of relief 😆

  14. Nice review. I think you have forgot to mentiond that there is another extra nvme slot which support 2280 (only applicable to nvme with chips on 1 surface) just at the end of existing small nvme.

  15. Whoever is considering this, don't!!! Just get the Book Pro 360 instead…. This normal Book Pro isn't worth it at all, with those issues…

  16. You don't need special apps to connect your phone with your laptop. I do that from two years using Telegram by instualing Telegram in both my laptop and my phone and send whatever I want to my own account and walah. It's there in the other device

  17. 500-600 nits should be standard brightness on laptops
    You might not need a bright display like on a smartphone, but the extra brightness is definitely goof

  18. This is disappointing. I was on the website the other day and was shocked how cheaply you could spec this device out. It makes sense now. Specs don’t tell the whole story.

  19. Why is no one talking about how horrible the speakers are??? Everything else is fine but the speakers are just unacceptable for this price point.

  20. Sent my 360 back because of the touch pad issues. If you use it on your lap, it's constantly clicking as you type and moving the pointer or selecting links that you don't want. Steer clear of this product

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