Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 – “Real Review”

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360
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63 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 – “Real Review”

  1. This will be another major, major, major purchase for me!
    Why is it that it seems, every time I watch a Flossy video, I'm gonna spend my hard earned money? 😆🤣👍🏻

  2. Can u tell me if u convert the screen and start painting for example!does the screen fall back?can u lean ure hand on it without any problem?

  3. I just bought this. the volume on this tablet is horrible. you will need a blue tooth speaker. I had a MacBook pro for 10 years no problem. I've had many Microsoft PC's and they never last. they good for about 5 years max. I'm also disappointed samsung didn't include a place to store the S pen. I heard there won't be slot on the galaxy z fold 3 for the S pen. I love my note 20 ultra and tab s 7 plus.

  4. If I had the money I would definitely buy this this laptop is luxury so high end. I am very stunned though to see how they made a fast laptop 🪶🪶🪶🪶🪶🪶🪶🪶🪶🪶🪶🪶🪶 weight

  5. would be nice if someone gave us specs. for example. it has 16ram but is it two 8ram or one 16ram chip. i want to buy this for music production and want to upgrade it to 32ram but noone mentions the configuration of the memory chips…. smh

  6. Damn, bought the galaxy book S a few months ago. I really miss the compatibility with an s pen and the flip thingie on mine. Although i can use a "dumb" stylus, the response in the screen isnt really good when typing fast with it thou. Drawing works fine. How would you say they compare otherwise ? Doesnt it has the Fn+O for the outdoor 600 nits screen brightness ?

  7. HELP! I can't decide. I have a Macbook, Ipad and Galaxy phone. I'm currently painting with Apple penciil.
    [I want all my devices to be the same operating system]
    Now, do I?:

    1. Sell the galaxy phone and get an Iphone

    2. Sell the Ipad and Macbook (It's old anyway) And get the Galaxy book pro

  8. How's the Palm rejection on this device? Like when you fill out forms with the pen or do some exercises for Uni?
    Can it keep up with the iPad in terms of hand writing comfort?

  9. Wow. Sound is super trash yo. Think an old MacBook air had better speakers. If this had better speakers and a 1080p Webcam I'd buy today. Samsung, you know you got it. WHY you can't put in no 1080p Webcam?

  10. I have been watching so many reviews of this laptop as I was actually considering buying it. Normally the reviews are about 10-15 minutes long, when I came across this one I thought to myself I would probably stop watching it and go back halfway through as I already know the positives and negatives of the device, but the dude got me hooked and I watched the whole video without getting bored for a second. Good Job Sir.

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