Samsung Galaxy A72 short review #shorts

Samsung has made the new Galaxy A-series phones hard to ignore …

22 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A72 short review #shorts

  1. Guys I want to buy a phone like 6.3 Inch screen Handy.. not too much heavie.and need good processor for gaming..but except Samsung IPhone. Please 🙏🙏 can you please help me ?

  2. I bought one in April in the UK off the Samsung website. I traded in my 3-year-old Galaxy S8 and paid £269 along with the trade-in discount, which is an amazing price for a phone of this spec.

    My son bought a Galaxy S21 Ultra at the same time and the differences for day-to-day use are minimal and I don't care about them. Performance is fine, camera is great, battery lasts ~36 hours with medium use, build quality solid, 4G only but not a problem for me.

    I'm not a gamer. Highly recommend this as a great mid-range phone, especially considering the high trade-in discounts available.

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