Samsung Galaxy A72 Longterm Review! Here’s What You Should Know…

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46 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A72 Longterm Review! Here’s What You Should Know…

  1. Nice. Your reviews are great by the way.. It's also nice to watch a video after seeing your team win in the 6th game against the Florida Panthers to go to round 2 in the nhl playoffs.

  2. Guys I have a question I did receive the new android 11 update for my a31 this week, but can anyone tell me if it will run good on mine I have the 4Gb ram version so if someone updated the phone please tell me what happened

  3. Great video as always. Idk why but I love listening to you talk. Anyway, I’ll wait for the A72 5g. Hopefully they include a fast charging power brick.

  4. This is so average for what the competition offers in Europe it really is hard to recommend and more of a choice for those that never stray outside a Samsung phone. Flash deaals on the Mi 10T Pro at £130 more is def worth the extra. It has 5G, 5000mAh battery, great cameras (better than A72), SD865, 256GB storage and 8GB LADDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1. It has 144Hz display which is adaptive (from 30Hz), HDR10 650 nits max brightness and Gorilla Glass 5 with 33-watt fast charging and dual speakers. Comes with screen protector, case and charger. This is so far ahead of the A72 that even if it cost £250 more it would be worth it!

    With MiUI 12.5 coming out improving Xiaomi phones by a leap that is even a bigger reason. If the extra £130 is too much then the Poco range are much cheaper than the A72 and offer a similar package. The A72 seems a hard sell and really needs to be $150 less to be competitive in Europe. In the US where the market is restricted to Samsung or Samsung then consumers are stuck with little choice or variety which is a sad state for consumers.

  5. I have both the A71 and A72…quite similar in many aspects except for the battery size,ingress protection for dust and water,refresh rate,physical appearance and feel,macro camera…A72 is an upgrade over the A71 on the aspects mentioned.

  6. I love my A72. Its everything i needed.
    8gb ram and 256 storage is enough to make the phone smooth and plus the snapdragon in my phone is actually the 732G not the 720g

  7. I just don't get why Samsung always just doesn't care about performance? We've got better processors than the exynos from last year but still for $400 I don't want the performance that's worse than a $150 phone

  8. I feel like by this time, Most of the buyers have already bought the A52 since no matter what, in terms of price and value for money, A52 is more reasonable than A72. So I think if you did the same "Long Term" review with A52, it would have been better. Tho I don't know if you're already planning to do one 😅

  9. It's a really great phone. But I care about performance, so this phone isn't for me.
    I have an iPhone and it's an amazing phone. 
    I bought Galaxy Buds Plus instead of AirPods Pro because it's hella expensive (around $370), and the Buds Plus are way cheaper ($127).

    If they improved their performance, I would buy their phone.

    Great review btw 🙂

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