Samsung Galaxy A72 / A52 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro – THIS IS IT.

Samsung Galaxy A72 / Galaxy A52 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro. Grab Atlas VPN for $1.39/mo before the deal expires: 😎
Full comparison of Galaxy A52 vs Redmi Note 10 Pro max including specs, camera test, 108MP vs 64MP, OIS, 120hz & More!

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73 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A72 / A52 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro – THIS IS IT.

  1. People being stupid just because chipset. Let me tell you, Redmi offer a very good specs for its price, BUT, there is too many downside like poor line reception, not optimize, etc. What make it more sad is Xiomi/Redmi always keep release new phone, means those bug and unoptimized chipset mostlikely will never get fixed . Redmi nowaday not like old Xiomi. My Redmi Note 5AI still rocking with only issue on volume and power button. My Redmi Note 9 helio is piece of shit and even cant achieve my Note 5Ai performance.

    As Im ex Samsung user, my last Samsung is J3 Pro and no issue on it on previous use, except poor storage. I saw Samsung budget phone with Helio also got lot of issue on performance but not on their new A52 & A72, though some user complaints issue on voice call which probably fix on next few updates.

    Ever wonder why Oppo is so damn expensive using same chipset of their $470 but Redmi price just around $200? Its because Oppo almost fully utilized the chipset so their phone only have few bugs that they always fix.

    I want keep using Redmi but sadly due poor optimization and unfixed bugs, its time to say goodbye.

  2. 5:49 – Beside its lower ultrawide-lens resolution (8 MP compared to 12 MP), Redmi phones do have bad image processing on their ultrawide-angle camera. I put GCam on my Redmi Note 8 Pro, took same photos with GCam and stock camera app, and compared the results side by side. With same lens, GCam produced better results than the stock camera app by a wide margin.

  3. Came from a Mi 9T Pro, and now using the A52 5G.

    If you're tech savvy, Xiaomi is the way to go because of the support for custom ROMs. Install MIUI EU, and all your worries due to ads will disappear. MIUI EU is a must if you use a Xiaomi phone. If you just want a phone that works out of the box (the way it should be anyway), and has a better UI, Samsung is the way to go. Loving my A52 5G right now. Not missing my custom ROM flashing at all. Samsung's UI is really clean, but still kept most of the features that you won't find in Pixel phones. Then add the 3 years worth of OS updates and 4 years security, it's just a no-brainer. To hell with glass vs plastic, you'd slap a case on it anyway and won't see the back ever again. And the A52 kills this phone just with OIS alone. Don't want no shaky videos.

  4. I was planning to buy the redmi note 10 pro but it was not yet available in where I live at that time so I bought the Samsung A52 instead and honestly, it was a great purchase and I didn't regret being impatient (just this time lmao). Yes, note 10 pro has great specs for its price but knowing that this phone (the A52) has an IP67 rating, OIS, ad-free UI and better security, I don't think buying the A52 is a bad trade off… Plastic back? Well, most people use cases so it shouldn't be a problem!

  5. My opinion in both the ui's is that: both have beautiful and simple ui's yet I feel like xiaomi has more customization, it's all in the "themes" system apps where people can easily create and publish themes, and there are tons of styles. Yet, samsungs ui is way cleaner since there are no ads. I'd name them equal since both have their low and high points.

  6. I wouldn't ever consider a vpn . Vpn companies can do anything they want once you give them your ip address, like selling them to advertising companies ect.

  7. i just bought the Redmi and i noticed something that Samsung has but Redmi doesn't. The microphone on A71 is flawless compared to Redmi. I tried to call my friends with discord and they seem having a hard times trying to listen to my voice but perhaps its on the discord it self, but more than that Redmi killed A71 in terms of hardware.

  8. The thing is if you're willing to put in some effort you can completely replace MIUI with pixel experience custom rom, which solves the ads issue and the fact that some people don't like MIUI. This imo makes the note 10 pro the much better buy, as well as the fact that you can get gcam on it which takes the pictures to another level

  9. Redmi note 10 pro battery is terrible , I'm charging it every day with moderate use. I've adjusted my settings to saving mode and disabled add notification's ect.

  10. MIUI 12.5 is available now.
    The only Android best phone u can get is xiomi.. Because they make true value for money what is aceptable…Apple.. And other Android phones..they steal alot ur money.. They dont respect their customers..they dont care..and i dont like that.. Give them to the people what they really deserve.. Samsung and Apple.. Fu

  11. Thanks for the comparison, but I prefer Redmi note 10 pro for the quality at such amount to Samsung, though Samsung is pretty good, but the price tag isn't really worth it

  12. The Galaxy A52 and A52 5G will both feature 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screens. As rumored, the A52's display will offer a 90Hz refresh rate, while the A52 5G will have a 120Hz screen

  13. i think the difference in camera performance is not as big as you shown. Note surely lacks OIS and that is playing the role here in your images i believe. I have tried compare tool on different sites for photos snapped by these phones and i find note performing better.

  14. i have been using Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 pro since 3 and half years smoothly…. so definitely a redmi phone ll last much more than any other phone.

  15. You can actually remove every ads present in Xiaomi. You just have to click the setting icon on the top and there will be an option to remove them.

  16. Comparing 17k phone to a 30k phone and samsung fans are bullying Redmi users lol… Why can't people use custom rom instead of giving all their money to samsung.

  17. ….and just for the record, those Xiaomi ads can ALL be disabled completely…it's oftentimes an inconvenience that you have to manually disable them for every Xiaomi system app!

  18. Im not seeing add on my phone rn10 pro unless your on the themes app. Theres add bec everything is for free. You just need to watch adds to get the themes that you wanted.

  19. I know you are the second biggest fans of Samsung on Youtube so i didn't want to watch it because i knew Samsung gonna win anyway bu here we go 0:59
    Sall from TekTalkTv is the N°1 fan of Sam

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