Samsung Galaxy A52 / A72 / A32 – THE TRUTH! (30 DAYS LATER)

FULL REVIEW Samsung Galaxy A52, A72 A32 One Month later! Camera …

63 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A52 / A72 / A32 – THE TRUTH! (30 DAYS LATER)

  1. Very nice review, at first I thought it's an International YouTuber.
    I just checked on Samsung website and the A52 and A72 (128GB) is already out of stock. Till yesterday they were available. Matlab Full bik rahein hein.
    Ab sirf 85,000 ka A72 (256GB) available hai.
    I have 2 questions if anyone know,
    1. Does A72 have a separate SDcard slot
    2. If I guy a 45W charger, do they support that

  2. I'll be buying the A series next time. I like that it still retained the 3.5mm headphone jack and I don't need a premium phone because I seldom use the camera and I don't need the lightning fast connection which is useless when AT&T throttles its internet speed.

  3. Samsung A52 मैं 720G and RN10pro मैं 732G है लेकिन सैमसंग महंगा है । ऐसा क्यों होता है । क्या क्वाटिली ऑफ चिप चेंज रहती है । क्या बैटरी लॉन्ग टर्म परफॉर्मेंस अलग रहती है । लॉन्ग टर्म में क्वालिटी ऑफ पार्ट्स सामने अलग अलग देखने को मिलती है ।
    प्लीज ये डाउट दूर कीजिए ।🙏

  4. I opted to A72 for its better camera clarity and bigger battery life.. the truth is A72 has a better battery management, camera shots and better CA (carrier aggregation) than A52.. if u dont mind spending more, I would definitely recommend u guys to go for A72..

  5. I have to ask if Samsung's A52 has enhanced HDR option or not? I am asking because my Nokia 7.1 has that option and I can watch HDR content on Netflix/ Amazon Prime videos. Please confirm. 🙏🏼☮️💙😊

  6. Man I just bought the A72 yesterday should have seen your video earlier. So I get a slightly better battery otherwise it is pretty much the same thing as an A52

  7. Yo tuve el A32 y en menos de un mes cuidando siempre la pantalla con el brillo al 30% se quemaron los pixeles fácilmente 🥺

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