Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Real-World Test (Camera Comparison, Battery Test, & Vlog)

The new Samsung Galaxy A52 5G was just released and I took it for a real-world test around a Bushwick in Brooklyn to do a camera comparison, battery test, and talk …

63 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Real-World Test (Camera Comparison, Battery Test, & Vlog)

  1. Prenounced: boss wike in dutch. We write: boswijk. Bos=forest and wijk is neighborhood. Did you know Brooklyn comes from Breukelen a city in the Netherlands. Just like Harlem is Haarlem. Thnx for the Nice real world test.

  2. I speak Dutch! I'll try my best to explain how to pronounce it. The first part, 'bos' is like 'boss' and for 'wijck' it's like 'ache' but then with the W in front of it. So you get (English pronounciation) 'Bosswache'. It's not identical, but as close I can get for someone who's primary language is English. As someone else pointed out, 'bos' means forest and 'wijck' means neighbourhood

  3. Better and better vlogs, history classes, phone reviews, photography… man it must be pretty hard working on those unique and awesome screenplays!! Cheers

  4. Loved the information, love this format! This seems like a really good mid-range alternative, but I agree that the Pixel4A seemed to do a better job on pics. What's the max gigs the micro SD slot can handle? (asking for a friend) 😂

  5. That little bit at the end is just perfect. Really gives the vibe of the city, but can imagine that it is way less enjoyable while filming…

  6. I'm actually testing galaxy a52 to see if it's good for vlogging right now. however my location is very different to yours. Hopefully the video will be ready soon 😉

  7. Dutchman here. You pronounce it pretty well. It's more like 'bosswyk' Please note that the Dutch language does not differ much from the English language. It is the second most similar language close to English

  8. Superb as always, my A71 gets round about a day too but no 5G. To me who is a average user photos, social media and you tube / TV, this type of phone is ideal, and more importantly we'll priced, £37 a month unlimited data.

  9. Is it just me or is the a52 pictures have really nice colors. I like how it leaves the dark areas actually dark. I feel like my s21 ultra boosts shadows and dark areas too much.. just me?

  10. I enjoy your videos as always sir. I like the camera comparisons and the views of all the neighborhoods. That deleted scene was unexpected. And it made the experience even better.

  11. This is a very reasonable £400 in the UK and for Samsung fans a solid choice for value v features. I bought the Pixel 4a 5G for £360 and that was an easy choice for my preferences but the A52 5G will sell well amongst its fanbase and deserves to.

  12. Not going to say it's not a nice and informative video, far from it, what you're doing is quite inspiring and deserves a rerun. The device itself however lacks the "kick", it does not stands out and if it's picked up it's going to get a "thought you were someone else". Samsung males countless devices each year and only few get to be in the spotlight.

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