Samsung Galaxy A32 Review – A HOME RUN for Budget Smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy A32 might be the best budget smartphone right …

63 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A32 Review – A HOME RUN for Budget Smartphones

  1. Why would anyone buy this right now? 5G coverage is so so, and the 4G version is nearly the same price and superior in every way but the 5G. Better processor, slightly better camera. AMOLED at a higher res. Better processor. Am I going crazy? Why do these phones even share the name?

  2. For $200 it is a good phone. But why is the Canadian price almost double (375 shown at the beginning of the video)? 1 Us dollar is 1.21 Canadian dollar as of today. 200 x 1.21= 242. So the Canadian price should be around 250. But 375 is a rip-off. Does not worth it.

  3. The vibration motor reminds me of a remote control car. xD
    I'd probably get this phone because… yeah I only do about as much as what this guy does, with a bit of Pokemon Go on the side. (Which I'm sure it will handle.)

  4. This phone does not cost $200. Samsung does this stupid, confusing, gimmicky, deceptive thing where they show the price of the phone if you trade-in a phone you already have . If you dont do that the actual price is $280. Ive been complaining about this for the longest, hopefully now people start to take notice. great review though!

  5. A 720p yesterdecade screen when our now dying LG Stylo 5 at least had a more modern 1080p screen (RIP LG) …. for the same price range. The Stylo 6, for w/e reason, is slightly backwards with a cpu that belongs on an abacus. But even Moto has $200 phones with at least a 1080. I say, le'fuck Samsung ol'chap!

  6. I have two choices 1 buy used iphone 8 its high risk of not getting original iphone battery but its slightly faster and better camera and 2nd is a32 i cant decade help me

  7. Personally I think Pocophone had another home run with the Pocophone F3, but that's still 50-100% more than this, so I welcome this entry in the market

  8. Best budget phone is the Xiaomi MI 11 Lite 1080×2400. Better value than this Samsung which has a ridiculous 720p screen for a 6.5" size screen.

  9. Using it for a month now. Bought A32 because of my previous exprience with J6. Could have been more better. The chipset fails to impress at times. Exynos is way better. Even for normal usage, I experience stutters at times. Go for it, if you are a great multimedia consumer!

  10. The general consenssuss amongst YT influencers is that no 90Hz+ is a deal-breaaker, so this fails. Moreso as that feature would make it "feel" smoother and faster, the point of faster refresh rates. With other OEMs understanding even at the $250 mark this is now a must have, Saamsung has not delivered here. I do not need an SD card nor jack, I stopped using these over a decade ago, it would have been far better with 90Hz. So an easy pass for me.

  11. Should I get the A32 5G or A51? The A32 5G is 369.99+tax here in Canada and A51 is on sale $349.99+tax. Wondering which one is better for long-term use? I tend to keep my phones for as long as possible.

  12. Why do people care about phone cameras so much? Just give me the headphone jack, great batter, 90+hz refresh rate with good contrast screen, and strong water resistance and I will be sooooo happy. I will deal with whatever mediocre cameras it has. Oh, and make it run apple OS.

  13. If anyone owns this phone or the A52 can you please help me out?
    I'm trying to find out if it will play 4K 60FPS youtube videos (webm in VP9).

    I've searched for the specs and they claim the Mali GPU can encode and decode the relevant codecs but not at that resolution.

    Thing is, I know for a fact that my Galaxy A3 2017 can run 3440×1440 video at 60FPS (h.264 tho) and I assure you there are no specs online to support that for my phone.

    So if anyone can help me out on this I'd really appreciate it. Even if you have an A52. I use MX Player for playback.

    I want this phone for 4K movies/TV series and 4K 60FPS walking tours (specifically for the walking tours) so if I get it and it's a dud… I don't want to have to deal with returns in my country. Thank you stranger.

  14. Love from India …. Sir in India they release 2 India only phones. The M series and F series… I request you to check out those phones… They start for Rs. 5000 (~70USD)

  15. Thank you for the video on this phone, Ebert. A friend called me yesterday, asking about the S21 5G and I told her about your review of it. Now I sent her this video for her to check this phone out, because she doesn't want to spend $800+ dollars on a new phone. Awesome video and thank you again for all the information on it

  16. For the price that I paid for (free* + sales tax via T-Mobile's 5G for All promotion), it's a phenomenal deal.

    * – as long as you use it with your T-Mobile SIM for 2 years

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