Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Unboxing & First Impressions!

In this video we are going to take a first look at the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G and I will also give my first impressions after a bit of real life …

63 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Unboxing & First Impressions!

  1. that’s why apple is Apple doesn’t matter how cheap the device is they always keep the same quality on every single device when it comes to the display👍🏻GO APPLE

  2. everybody complaining about the phone like don't buy it. it's a mid range budget phone what do you expect. if you want all the work by a expensive phone..

  3. I'm buying this to replace my father's s6 edge +. The display is only HD and not amoled , the processor is only a mediatek but i don't care. I use the phone almost for YouTube and deviantART only so i don't care if the processor is mediatek and not snapdragon. I just want a big battery and screen and this phone offers both at the reasonable price of 231 euros italian version in cyan color. The screen is not that good , but if you only use 2 social medias (YouTube , deviantART) and candy crush then the bad display resolution doesnt count. I can also accept the presence of the notch. Nowadays you can't have a 6.5 inch screen , 5000 mah battery and fast charge just for 231 euros. So i'm definitely gonna buy this phone , possibly on Amazon or eBay where It's cheaper than physical Samsung shops. I enjoyed the video and put a like.

  4. LCD is better than Amoled (no pwm)
    720p better than 1080p (more smooth performance and battery life)
    A32 5g is the ONLY Samsung phone that you can buy now if you have some brain

  5. Sorry, please advise, I want to buy a cellphone between Samsung A32 and Redmi Note 10 Pro, the reference is the sharpness of the screen color, (I'm not gaming) so which screen is sharper for more vivid colors. Thank you.

  6. I love that you show us the device when you do reviews unlike other reviewers that prefer people to look at them talking and only showing the device a few times.

  7. this cost me $190 off of eBay so I couldn't care less about the display. no bugs or crashes. it works well consistently and at least for me it's an incredible value. love the cam setup too and the overall design. it's all relative to what we like as they say 😉

  8. Thanks so much for your review, very helpful for someone like me that is on the fence about giving up my reliable workhorse, Note 3!
    I totally agree, the display is definitely not up to par. I will check out the A42.
    My complete reservation for getting a new phone is that the overall size of the newer phones, although long, are not as wide as my Note. I really don't want to skimp on size as it is my only connection to the internet at the time and I do everything on it.

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