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    Samsung Galaxy A10s Unboxing – New Budget Smartphone


    Whats up guys and welcome to another video and today i am unboxing Samsung Galaxy A10s This is a budget device you can say and this is a latest version after the A10

    First lemme just take it out of the package So here is the box, the presentation is nice like you can see, in front you have A10s with Samsung branding up there and Samsung official product if you can see then you get a seal So some of the highlights are (Infinity V Display, Dual Camera and Fingerprint Scanner) You get in front this Samsung branded cardboard thing and as you lift that up, you get the device inside, it depends if you wanna slide it or you want to take it off so i want to take it off and i want you guys to listen to it Lets do a little ASMR unboxing of phone

    I think i am doing it wrong, yeah Ok so here it is, the phone and this is in black color and it looks tbh it looks pretty good and it feels nice It is almost like a glass feel but not entirely Ok so lets boot the phone up, here you go "Samsung Galaxy A10s" Lets put the phone aside and come to the accessories in the box

    So we get a power brick which i dont think is fast charging, yeah so it is not a fast charger which i honestly dont expect from a phone that cost that much, moving on you get a micro if you can see, this is a micro which i am a little disappointed but what can we do now and this sim ejected tool and thats it, no handfree or case or anything cause i have seen alot of budget phones coming out case and protector in it unless it is in this It might be in here so lets give it a shot, hope for the best and i dont think there is, yeah there is this quick start guide and all that things So this is my first time turning it on, you can see the reflection of me, you know you can see it (peace) you know so lets turn the phone on and ohh its on ohh yeah Ok ok ok, so nothing right now tbh it is nice After buying this i slapped a Screen protector on it, if you can see it so now its the time to set this up but first i am gonna see a quick look at the camera

    Ok not bad but you know lets give it a shot Here i have the box of A10s, Ok great lets do it like this You might cant, I dont think you can see it but i can ok, so i have took some pictures lets see, ok this is the first one and not bad now moving on, OH yeah this one is good like this one is good and the screen is massive like look at the screen it is like 6

    2 inch which is a huge screen This phone catches alot of fingerprints on it and this is not a glass back Screen lock type you have (Face, Fingerprint, password,pin, pattern, swipe and none) So lets start with fingerprint, here it is located, ok lets go with L Focus, ok there we go

    Ok so the fingerprint is very fast Sorry, Sorry, sorry, Done and backup (agree) and lets see, OK it is quite fast like look this Not the fastest but and it doesn't require you to you know place you finger on it for long time, look at thisI am just going to tap it, and inside and just forgot to show you the sim situation which will be i guess 2 sims because its dual sim variant and then a memory card, SD Card whatever you wanna call it yeah, as i said

    Yeah, i think this wraps it up and subscribe for the review video and i will catch you guys in the next one, PEACE

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