Samsung, First Note 21 Ultra, Now This? What Are You Doing?

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In 2021, Samsung has …

63 thoughts on “Samsung, First Note 21 Ultra, Now This? What Are You Doing?

  1. For people that don't know, super fast charging does not provide longevity. Yes, it is cool to have that type of feature to charge 50% in 3 minutes and 100% in 8 minutes, but pick your poison. There's a few great videos on YouTube of people explaining how our phone batteries work and pros and cons to fast charging. 🤝🇺🇲

  2. I think who is making this decisions for Samsung they will fuck up Samsung because the proud device and the flagship of Samsung they want to cancel it, there future will be so bad without the NOTE !

  3. I'm happy with Note 20 Ultra 5G for now and next few years. Unless something phenomenal comes out. Normal folks can't be updating $1k plus phones at the drop of a hat! (You hear that, Samsung!!)

  4. Hey saki… fist of all allow me to say that i love how informative your videos are and they they are presented. ❤

    However, saying bye samsung on title is a big deal well at least thats the way i see it.
    The content of the video can be summarized into two points 👉 slow charging and no note 21.
    That is understandable that people will not like this direction but for an everyday user i don't think that you need to compete in this segment because as is the phone holds its charge pretty well and can last more that one day unless you're a daily heavy user. More to this point most people just charge their phones overnight.
    But the note 21 cancelation is truly a bummer but if you crave using the s pen you do that on the s21 ultra.

    I dunno those are my thoughts on the subject.
    Btw im an s21 ultra user since this phone came out and i love it and i love the tips for one UI you have on your channel 😍

  5. Galaxy Tab 8 Ultra coming out July. So what’s the problem with the FE. There is no problem. And the Note 20 Ultra 5G is just fine for one more year. They’ve already said they are coming back next year with 21. I’m surprised you made this video. No credibility.

  6. However the fastest charging phone also has to charge more often!!!! Now if Samsung is focusing on making the battery life last longer then it is a good thing. So if they can have a battery last longer than a day of heavy use then Great 👍 and if the battery whole life is better then wonderful. I'd personally rather have a phone last 2 days without having to charge it. That is way better than fastest charging speed but having to have a power cord with me or stopping to charge the phone even for a few minutes. Also having the phone over two years and having to buy a new battery because the battery is ruined by the fast charging battery. The note needs to come back into the Samsung line up. Because the square screen is more appealing to me and having the s pen inside the phone is way better than having to by a case for the s pen. Or maybe put the s pen inside of the larger folding phone. Now that would be an excellent idea 💡 Maybe this Year they wanted to see if the customer would like the galaxy s lineup or just sell the note and get rid of the galaxy s ultra entirely??? Being based on sales and complaints about the lack of a new note. Probably they couldn't make a clear decision about which phone to discontinue with both available on the market. So produce the lower costing phone with more and similar features and see if the market is satisfied or not. Finally the news here might be the opposite of what most people are thinking. This maybe the end of the galaxy s ultra line not the note. Based upon the market reaction to the lack of the new note this year.

  7. I was already debating if I should get the iphone 13 in September. Since I'm a note fan, I am using the note 20 ultra. I never like the S line, I was waiting to see if we are going to have a note 21 since they are not going to have a note 21, they make it easy on me to switch to the iphone 13.

  8. As a long time Samsung fanboy myself, I agree with you Saki. The route Samsung has been taking is really testing the limits to our loyalty to the brand. 🥺

  9. I honestly don't mind slower charging because very fast charging isn't good for the battery, my s10e only has 15 watt fast charge and it doesn't bother me at all and I actually don't even use it, cause I'm afraid of it hurting the battery. Even without it, it still charges pretty quickly. So i don't care if a phone doesn't have top tier charging speeds

  10. Side tangent I hope the Note Series is continued…and that since the newest note will not be released in 2021 I hope the newest note will include support for all flavors of 5g, such as the upcoming C-Band and the slowly rolling out mmWave.

  11. When samumg see that there sales are down, because of no Note 21 ultra, they are going to see that they made a big mistake. I always said that the Note line is there bread and butter. Everyone buys it.

  12. They should have super fast charging for those that want it. I have all those options turned off in the settings for my Note 20 Ultra because I plan on keeping it at least 3 or 4 years and I want the battery to be healthy as long as possible. Gr8 vid. 📱 🇺🇸

  13. That's because Samsung is banking on all of the zombies that by Samsung products regardless of how much they suck because it says Samsung on their phones

  14. Switched to Apple last year, after having Samsung phones since s3.
    Not regretting it for the most part. And with these news, even less.The Note is the best in their whole line up.

  15. I had to exchange my s21ultra 256GB with note 20 ultra because of storage shortage and not having SD card. I lost my money but still I'm loyal to Samsung. Last 2 years samsung management did a lots of mistakes so other brand got chance to be in top 10!

  16. Oh and for notes i think best be to release once in 2 year as expensive phone and after 2 years more upgraded phone be 👍😅 more value if upgrading 🤔

  17. Looks like I'll be sticking with my current Note 10+ for another year and hope the Note(whatever) shows up next year. As for the charging, I'm curious how the ultra fast charging at such a high wattage effects battery life. I'm not one to replace my phone every year. Most of the time, it comes down to when the battery begins to not hold a decent charge throughout the day. I would think the high wattage charging would work the batteries a lot more than a slower charge. I'm OK with placing my phone on a charger at night and waking up to a full battery.

  18. As well has they s21 ultra has spen support honestly I wish next year they completely turn they s22 ultra into note 22 ultra because since they galaxy book has spen support every galaxy tablet has it so it makes more sense that every flagship phones get soem support but hopefully they s22 ultra as something similar to galaxy tab like when it comes to spen support because the problem w soen going inside the phone means smaller battery like have a magnetic spen spot on the back of the phone just like galaxy tab since smartphones have reverse wireless charging if they could release a wireless charging spen next year that will make they spen more in line w a note that way there will be no reason to release the note as well as I wish they galaxy s series get they more boxer n wider design kinda like note like like I don't belive that they need to release a seperate series of smartphone just 4 spen support when they could merge it hopefully s22ultra will get fully replaced by galaxy note cause I just don't think it makes sence having a seperate spen phone like the problem w s21 ultra is that I can't rock a great case without having to worry about losing ir forgetting they spen by having something similar to they galaxy tab its better for battery life because they emd tech automatically turns off when u place it on the back of the phone where as having it as an accessory means u have to manually turn on n off spen meaning they emd tech is on 4 no reason n it's annoying having to always turn of n off spen as well as it's better for Bluetooth functionality like they s22 ultra could really take they advantage of reverse wireless tech that could meaning ur spen is gonna keep charging if u add the magnetic design n case won't be a problem than cause if it becomes a part of the phone companies will make a cutout on the back of the case to store hither spen

  19. They're cutting corners because their R&D dept is effing up and they havecto cover the costs. That's the only explanation I can think of, in their actions of putting out subpar tech/charging issues versus other companies leaping ahead against them. I mean, hell i just got the Samsung NB360, and it's got subpar speakers that my Note 10+ destroys, and it's nearly 2 yrs old!

  20. I have the Note 20U and I really can't complain about the charging speed or feel the need for it to be faster. Just dropping my phone on the wireless charger for a few minutes gives a significant boost and wired is twice as fast. I am weary of the effect of those super charging speeds on batteries so that's not a priority for me, however I will admit going back to 15w charging is stupid.
    I was on the Note 10+ until a couple months ago, waiting for the Note 21 release so I was disappointed by the cancelation. I truly hope Samsung lives up to their promise to release a new Note next year.

  21. Too fast charging is not good for the battery in the long run. It looks nice on a paper and in ads to grab customer's attention but it is not good for the current technology battery. So keep that in mind. This is why Tesla is not going overboard with charging their current batteries too fast. On the other hand I do not understand why Samsung is going backwards with this. Samsung is also starting to go backwards with the screen technology offering TFT LCD screen on Samsung tablets. Why??? The AMOLED and Super AMOLED screen in Samsung's devices is Samsung's trademark. This is what makes those devices special.

  22. I don't freaking care for fast charging,I have a powerbank,and car charger,and home all kinda chargers.what I care more about is equal rights as the S21 Ultra got about software,updates,new features, so that atleast the fact we paid Way more for the Note than the S serie,we don't feel like we own an old phone, as they treat us for the moment. JUST LOOK AROUND YOUTUBE…..ITS ALL ABOUT S21U so that samsung sell more of those and ignore the expensive NOTE.While they came shortly one after another on the market still some call the S21U the flagship ship…….for me it's Samsung brand,and only 1 Can be the King among the lines…..NOTE TILL THE END

  23. Hey Saki, I hope that you don't mind me commenting, but I have to ask you since you probably didn't get the updated information! Have you heard of the Samsung Galaxy S22? The reason why I ask is because I seen the YouTube videos about Samsung Galaxy S22, and it looks like THE smartphone to beat in 2022!

  24. So… hum… I charge my S21 Ultra at night with fast charging all turned off, so it charges at like idk, 10W? I wake up with it full and I CANNOT for any reason kill it in a single day. I couldn't care less how fast it charges. And I'm glad my battery will probably last many years healthy. Comparing charging speeds is like comparing penis sizes. I don't care. No one cares. iPhones still do 15-20W only. And they don't come with the charger in the box so most people will probably just buy cheap 5-10W chargers anyway and never give a F about it. Only extremely specs-addicted tech nerds, the same that scream that a POCO phone is better than an S21 because it has a Snapdragon 888 for 350€ and Samsung doesn't. I DON'T CARE

  25. I've already been thinking about switching to an iPhone. I prefer the build quality, Samsung is so thin I cant enjoy it. I have to put a case on it. And they have gotten better with updates, however like you said they saturate the market with quantity more than quality. Apple has 1 phone.

  26. Okay we were talking about Samsung phones but then you go off topic to sell Nord VPN.. I paid 12 $ a month so I don't have to listen to advertising on YouTube so I I'm going to another channel that won't be blathering on about irrelevant off topic advertising

  27. Know for me, after my note 20 ultra dies, think might be returning to iPhone, which haven’t used since iPhone 1 was out, and switched to Samsung Galaxy s line, as checked all the boxes back then. But now, Samsung just getting more off the path off phones and features…. No SD card (which use and is awesome as a mass storage device btw), and even Samsung cloud was “good”, but now have to use Microsoft, Samsung, and google accounts on a Samsung phone if want the “best full feature experience”…..that’s just ridiculous. Lastly, not being able to “remove” the bloatware apps on a Samsung that don’t use, need, or want.
    So, unless Samsung changes the current path….once my note 20 stops (hoping works for long time, of course only guaranteed updates for what….2 yrs 🤦🏼 crappy as well, but better than before that “deal” mind you)….I’m finding another phone brand. Kinda hoping not Apple again, but just might be😳

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