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    Samsung Electronics showcases its most daring smartphone line-up yet, revealing first foldable phone


    on a brighter note after months of anticipation only slightly dampened by leaked images in the past week or so Samsung Electronics has showcased its first-ever foldable smartphone and its latest flagship lineup watchers say the foldable device while expensive could change the ways we use our phones forever Oh Sooyoung reports Samsung Electronics is making waves in the global smartphone market launching one of the world's first foldable smartphones and its new flagship lineup as its highly anticipated unpacked launch event held in San Francisco on Wednesday the South Korean mobile giant introduced its latest lineup of premium mobile handsets all eyes were on the galaxy falled the first bendable smartphone to be released by the company the 73 inch Infinity flex display can be for hundreds of thousands of times without wear ins her according to Samsung which took seven years to develop the technology when folded a second display measures four point six inches the phone also features six cameras Samsung's flagship Galaxy S ten models are also set to break the conventions of smartphone technology the flagship models S 10 and the one terabyte S 10 plus feature the world's first ultrasonic fingerprint sensor built into that OLED displays which will come almost bezel free and with a triple lens camera set up on the res a 5g ready version of the phone was also revealed along with a simpler s10 a model but the question is whether consumers will be convinced as the new models come with hefty price tags the foldable device set to retail for a staggering 1980 US dollars industry tracker counterpoint research projected this week that the latest Galaxy series will top 40 million cells within the first year on the market about five million more than the previous s9 version the best-selling Galaxy lineup today is the s7 series released three years ago which sought 50 million units within 12 months in South Korea Galaxy S ten handsets will hit the shelves on March 8th with pre-order starting Monday the 5g will be released near the end of March and the galaxy for delay April was young Arirang news

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