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Samsung Electronics previews foldable smartphone at developers’ conference in U.S.


Sam's Electronics has unveiled parts of its highly anticipated foldable smartphone in the US although it didn't give an exact release date us local news outlets are reporting that it's expected to be released at sometime next year our accordion he has more at a Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco Wednesday the tech giant previewed parts of his upcoming smartphone with a foldable display although the finished product wasn't released yet Samsung gave an overview of the new mobile display technology called the Infinity flex display it provides an improved multitasking experience because the larger screen allows users to use three applications at once when it's open it's a tablet offering a big screen experience Thank You developers got a clearer picture of what the phone is going to look like because the user interface which will be apply to the phone was reviewed as well called e1 UI is described as a clean and minimal design keeping the most relevant content on the bottom of the screen for one-handed use before its official launch in January Samsung is first making the 1 UI available to people in South Korea and the US for beta testing in November the software will be available in devices including the galaxy s 9s 9 plus and Galaxy Note 9 the conference provided opportunities for Samsung to garner opinions as a new technologies will require developers to tweak apps to make sure they run smoothly when the new phone hits stores I think we've all been waiting for the foldable phone for at least a year now so it was nice to actually see at a developer conference that there respects there was something being held that there was an opportunity to really build for it because it's not going to be exciting if there are no apps that work for it when it does come out Courtney Arirang news

Source: Youtube

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