Biggest 2021 Samsung LEAK! Galaxy S21 FE, Note 21 FE, Samsung x AMD PC Unpacked, galaxy A22 5G & More!

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73 thoughts on “Samsung – BIGGEST LEAK is HERE

  1. note 21 ultra 2022. Samsung is going to keep Note line up but because they have a shortage of chips they will not release it this year

  2. Doesn't really matter who has the best ARM based PC chip. Windows on arm still sucks. M1 Macs automatically will be better. Also Samsungs laptops are garage already better options like the Surface laptop, Dell XPS and Razer blades are still better options than a samsung PC

  3. If s21 fe is 6.5inch display and 600$ it would be a massive hit they might use sd 870 tho
    Note 21 fe would make more sense but depending on the price since note 10 lite and note 20 were not good phones

  4. I'm bored of people like you giving so much credit to evan blas, eve leaks and so on.
    Are the BRANDS who gives them the info, are the brands who "leaks" the info on purpose to manipulate people and getting interest during the waiting process. Is just a dumb game where most of you are are so vastly fooled

  5. That s21 FE better have expandable storage though, otherwise my money is still going to the motorolla edge s/g100, the one with a snapdragon 870 and an expandable storage

  6. About this amd x Samsung,yeah i just found out that adreno is powerful the vega 8 and near the same level as vega 10.i hope that this new amd gpu is good

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