Samsung Assistant | “Sam” Virtual 3D ????

come here : g

fitur Samsung : U

Update Samsung Android 11 One UI 3.1:

There may be some incorrect information, if you are curious about who SAM really is, please visit this article.
Check about the real Sam / …

63 thoughts on “Samsung Assistant | “Sam” Virtual 3D ????

  1. Why did you say…. h i s? Please dont tell me Sam is actually a…… No, i refuse to belive that. But still… h i s? Somethings wrong, i can feel it.

  2. Fun fact: it's actually not a virtual assistant but a 3D mascot
    Sorry for breaking your dreams guys.
    But Samsung has a 3D super realistic avatar brand in development called "NEON" so maybe in the future.. 😏

  3. This vid is being used in online posts and memes(possibly arguments as well) just to prove that she is a male, that simple typo kinda just made things crazy

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