Samsung | AMD Official – MIND BLOWN!

Samsung and AMD will officially bring RDNA 2 graphics to Exynos chipset and Samsung smartphones later this year. AMD says the new chipset supports Ray tracing and Variable rate shading which …
Samsung AMD Official MIND BLOWN.So AMD has made a number of major productannouncements at the Computex 2021 trade show..During the keynote, the CEO talked about bringingAMD’s RDNA 2 graphics architecture to Samsung’s.Exynos chipsets later this year with an advancedfeature that we’ve only seen on gaming far..AMD has.mentioned two key specifications of the newGPU..Ray tracing and variable rate shading..Ray tracing is a rendering technique thatcan produce incredibly realistic lighting.effects as you can see in this video..We’ve seen in-game lighting effects becomemore and more realistic over the years, but.the benefits of ray tracing are less aboutthe light itself and more about how it interacts.with the world..Ray tracing allows for dramatically more lifelikeshadows and reflections, along with much-improved.translucence and scattering..The algorithm takes into account where thelight hits and calculates the interaction.and interplay much like the human eye wouldprocess real light, shadows, and reflections,.for example..With enough computational power available,it’s possible to produce incredibly realistic.CG images that are nearly indistinguishablefrom real life..Of course, you can’t expect details like thisin mobile games but the fact that AMD’s RDNA.2 supports ray-tracing means this is one hellof a powerful GPU and AMD is certainly setting.expectations high for future Samsung devices..The second thing they mentioned is variablerate shading..This allows objects that are out of the focusof attention or are deep in the background.can be rendered at lower fidelity..All of the GPU power that was used to fullyshade objects not being looked at is freed.and can be used to enrich what is being lookedat or increase frame rate..This increases the game performance and efficiencyof the phone as well since GPU power isn’t.being wasted on things that you’ll never payattention to..Qualcomm has already introduced variable-rateshading on the Snapdragon 888 so it isn’t.something new to the smartphone world, butray tracing is and this will take smartphone.gaming to a different level and it also basicallyconfirms the benchmarks we’ve been seeing.where the AMD GPU destroys both Apple’s andSnapdragon’s graphics is probably true..So really looking forward to it, AMD saidSamsung will launch the chipset later this.year and will provide all the details..So don’t expect the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to featurethis chipset, instead the Galaxy S22 next.year will be the first smartphone to officiallyhave the RDNA 2 graphics..With that said, Xiaomi has just broken theworld record for the fastest charging solution.on a mobile phone..They showcased their new 200W HyperChargecharging technology that can charge at mind-boggling.speeds..As the video demonstrates, the 200W chargercan get a 4,000mAh phone battery to 10% in.44 seconds, 50% in three minutes, and 100%in just eight minutes..You heard that right, just mere 8 minutes..Of course, there is one potential downsideto this extremely fast charging, and that’s.battery health..We don’t know how pushing so much energy intoa battery so quickly impacts the lifetime.of a battery..Hopefully, we will get a deeper dive intothe HyperCharge tech soon..Anyway, do consider subscribing for all thelatest tech news and as always I’ll see you.tomorrow…Peace out!.

63 thoughts on “Samsung | AMD Official – MIND BLOWN!

  1. With all this amd hype i have a doubt that in actual games will amd graphics perform as good as benchmarks?? Since developers need ro optimize their games for gpu and sadly most developers prioritize apple and adreno gpus.
    For context pubg which is a big is still not optimized for E2100 as it doesn't support 90fps or even 60pfs at ultra graphics

  2. How would console level graphics on a mobile device look? damn makes you wonder what happens in the next 3 years when smartphones gaming is next gen.

  3. Raytracing calculates what light rays reach the camera by tracing them from the camera backwards to see where the light bounces and deflects before it reaches the camera.

    The most impressive way to demonstrate raytracing is by building a camera obscura in Minecraft RTX.

  4. Will phone cameras ever be good as pro cameras such as dslr mirrorless cameras and will they ever suppress them in terms of quality and replace them

  5. Yea the problem is that exgnos chips have a bad history of poor battery life and thermo throattling. I wonder what Qualcomm is going to do now?

  6. 200w is way to fast for the battery health which man bring to much heat and I won't lie I like that the phone charges fast so it gives you as the user more time to use your phone knowing u can top it up in no time but still isn't safe I'll stick 67w fast charging

  7. No use of this powerful gpu unless developer release graphics intensive games. My old Mi mix 3 runs ppsspp and dolhin emu on solid 50-60 fps any phone after 2015 runs all playstore games so no point in upgrading.

  8. So what mobile games even have Ray Tracing to take advantage of? Even with recent Mobile Processors being powerful enough to be compared to desktop processors and having high resolution displays with fast refresh rates, we still only get the most mediocre Mobile Games. By the time any serious game comes out for mobile, what will be the current flagship devices, then?

  9. You should for sure be excited. I worked for Samsung at the development center responsible for doing the Galaxy GPU Development in partnership with AMD, so the stuff directly discussed here. Before leaving I was able to see the benchmarks for the upcoming GPU discussed here and they are extremely impressive. Obviously I can't reveal anything else due to NDAs, but I can confirm that the performance is something to be very excited about.

    From u/maleton3

  10. Luxury or no luxury always be proud of your brand and try working to improve. I love luxurious lifestyles. All thanks to crypto I just got my first Samsung 💝. My advice to y'all invest in cryptocurrency or gold.

  11. Another garbage phone with exynos cip.This corean company lies everytime release a phone .These phones drastically low performance in just 3-4 months ,doesn"t matter witch samsung phone you use.The Apple phone are twice powerful than samsung and an ipad pro M1 cip destroy their samsung computers in performance .Apple computer Mac its the beast .

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