63 thoughts on “Samsung & AMD – Can They Beat Snapdragon?

  1. Trust me on papers samsung's processors looks underpower but samsung optimize them so perfectly you will love it . I use to hate samsung but after using samsung A51 for 2months iam Samsung fan ! 🔥

  2. If 5g modem of Qualcomm is best,then why Qualcomm is still unable to provide features like dsds 5g(5g+5g) and VoNR…and many more advanced 5g features like dimensity chipsets of mediatek? why Snapdragon is lacking there?

  3. stability of exynos processor is very less and google is also in partnership with snapdragon…. so i think samsung will not win this race

  4. A+ content …and its been in rumour that window is also working on their new window to be work on arm architecture and from there things got interesting . We can see 12 + hr of battery life in latops . Mobile phones game and laptop games are going to be similar. Full to mja aanae walae hae fir to.

  5. Theoretically speaking.. the Exynos 2200 with AMD GPU even crushed Apple's A14 Bionic in performance … So how can Snapdragon survive LOL 😆😜…. Moreover this SAMSUNG X AMD is believed to be beating Apple's M1 performance.. as this chip is bringing Console and desktop level performance to phones ….

    HYPED 🔥🔥✌️✌️✌️✌️🇰🇷

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