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Saiba a hora certa de trocar o smartphone


Hi people! Is your phone locking or does the battery no longer hold up all day? These may be signs that it is time to change hands Look that! One of the first signs that shows that your cell phone is getting old is the crashes

See if it always freezes on some screen or hangs at the time of running functions basic, how to make calls, send messages or open the internet, okay? If the phone is getting too hot, it can also be a signal! It is normal for it to warm up when you are on or when you are playing, but it is not it is doing this when it is not being used, for example And there's more! If the battery does not last all day or if it shuts off even when it is with a little load It is also a sign that it is better to buy another The lack of space in the cell phone can also be a reason to switch to a device with more memory But first, see if there is not much saved and also if it has input to the memory card

So you can gain some more space! And finally, look at the operating system If it is too outdated or the company did not release the latest update for your model, it may start to show problems and even stop running some applications, see? So, did I help you? So tell me, leave your comment here

Source: Youtube

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