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    Sähköpyörän näytön esittely || 32s 300A BMS screen [Tech #1]


    Now when I have this other camera I can show you this screen you can see at the top here are the amps I'm pulling Here you can see Well this is showing completely wrong Most likely You can see how many amp hours I have left in the battery Here are the cell voltages Shown the lowest and highest voltage in a series H stands for the highest voltage and L stands for the lowest voltage and this shows what is the average voltage between cells This is the total km I have traveled This shows the trip distance This shows how many % I have left in the battery

    (it shows wrong because some times the bms gets calibrated wrong if I have low battery) This shows how much battery I have left based on my current riding style This indicates how long the bike has been turned on This shows the km/h As you can see it only has two numbers So it doesn't show over 100km/h And it will only show 00 when I hit 100km/h or 03 if I hit 103km/h then here it shows how many watts I'm pulling currently then this shows the current battery voltage then you press the button with the red circle it shows you the battery voltages that are in series up to 18s in this page and there is another page here and that is up to 32s I have 22cells in series and 16 in paralel This is the page I used when I wanted to watch for the peak amps and you can see it alot better than in the first page but this has almost the same things that are in the first page but they are a bit easier to read then you can see how long the system has been on this date resets when ever the bms is hard resetted so 23 days ago I reset this here you can see the battery cells that are in series this shows if the balance is on that makes sure that the battery cells stay in the same voltage then there are chamos and dismos I have no idea what they mean Propably something really important Then we have the temperature screen

    I don't currently have a sensor in the motor that would show the motor temperature I will add a sensor there maybe in the next maintenance You can see the mofset and balance temperature here Balance usually is a 60 degrees when the bike is balancing the cells these temperatures are all from the battery I think the temp 2 is measured right from the middle of the batteries then we are back at the starting screen this is a pretty simple screen set up I usually keep this screen on so know how fast I'm going so I don't go too fast That's it for this video

    Source: Youtube

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