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Sådan løser du problemer med opstart af Windows 10 (Officiel Dell Tech Support)


If you experience problems during startup related to either overheating, spontaneous shutdowns, or getting error messages around heat, here are some helpful troubleshooting tips The first thing to do is run a few diagnostic tests to find out if your computer has hardware problems Open Dell SupportAssist and press Scan hardware and wait for the test to complete If errors occur, contact our technical support immediately If for some reason your computer does not start properly, you will need to run an ePSA test Watch our video on this, here on the page, to learn how to access and uses the Dell ePSA test to run diagnostics on your computer It is a good idea to investigate the state of your computer and check for any signs of physical damage or anything else that could cause the temperature to rise Check for any blank holes in the computer that should have accessories or discs If there are holes, replace the units or plates as this will help ensure proper air flow Make sure the air ducts are clean and not blocked when the computer is in use If you feel comfortable opening your computer, you also check heatsink and blower for damage or wear If the processor or motherboard has been replaced recently You should also check if there are any cooling paste or pillows where there should be If there is no evidence of either cooling paste or cooling pads please contact our technical support again so that this can be fixed Updating your computer's BIOS may also be exactly the solution your computer needs Start your computer When the Dell logo appears, press F2 to open the BIOS Wait a few minutes to see if your computer is shutting down or warm when in BIOS mode If it does, do not try to update the BIOS Sudden shutdowns or reboots can damage the system BIOS You should contact a technical support employee for further assistance If the computer does not shut down, check to see if you have the latest BIOS version installed If not, update this one This is done by going to Dellcom/support Enter your service tag or use Register PC Press Drivers & Downloads, select the correct operating system, and select BIOS under Category Download and install the latest version, and then restart your computer If you get an error during startup, compare this with the system event log in the BIOS Once inside the BIOS, check under “System Event Log” and look for any thermal or fan error messages This information is not the same as the one you find under the computer event app If the error displayed does not match some of the 4 we list here: please contact our technical support who can assist you further If the error is similar to one of the listed, do the following: When an error message around heatsink appears delete the system event log in the BIOS and restart your computer If the error recurs, restart but this time go directly into the BIOS by pressing the F2 key Check the System Event Log for other messages about temperature or fan If no log errors appear, the problem is resolved If you get the same error again, contact technical support and they will be happy to assist you further If you get an error message about the fan

Reconnect all wiring between fan and motherboard and thoroughly remove all dust and dirt on the fan and surrounding area Then restart the computer Next, check the System Event Log for temperature or fan error messages If there is no error in the log, the problem is solved If you still get the same error in the log, contact technical support If you get an error message about the temperatures you need to clear the system event log in the BIOS Check for any dust or dirt on the fans and remove any third-party hardware from your computer If your computer is equipped with a graphics card with its own fan, check that it is running properly If not, replace the graphics card Next, run an ePSA Diagnostics If there are any problems, write down the error code and contact our technical support and inform them of the error code If the error message “Alert! Air temperature sensor not detected ”appears during startup you will need to contact technical support for further assistance Do you have questions or need further help you are always welcome to contact us on Facebook or Twitter where we are ready to help Remember to take a look at the other videos here on the channel and give them a like if you found them useful Don't want to miss future tips & tricks? So subscribe to the channel right away Thank you for watching!

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