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    ASUS has officialized its new ROG Phone 2 which arrives as an even larger, more powerful version, and full of differentials compared to the model launched in 2018 But does the gamer model really make sense in a market where even mid-rangers Already game so nicely? Let's take a closer look at the device to find out

    Although it looks very similar to the first ROG Phone, the new version is bigger, thicker and heavier it reaches 240 grams and over 17 centimetres in height For comparison, the Galaxy S10 Plus and iPhone XS Max are just over 15 centimetres tall and weigh 175 and 208 grams, respectively The exaggerated size is due to the lack of a notch or even greater concern With screen-to-body ratio, with considerable bezels found above and below the screen But calm down, everything has a reason and I will talk about it soon

    The Republic of Gamers logo in RGB LED remains on the back but we have some visual refinements to make everything more minimalist and elegant, without as many stripes and details as the last generation One of the biggest highlights is the ASUS multimedia suite included with the ROG Phone 2, going from its huge 66 inch Full HD + AMOLED screen To the dual front speaker system, which has been redesigned to deliver not just more powerful sound but also more engaging during gaming sessions The display supports HDR 10, with one millisecond response time and 120 Hz refresh rate, which in theory, lets you play at 120 fps on the ROG Phone 2 You can also set it to 90 or 60 hertz, according to your needs

    We still need to see which titles will support such fluidity as the vast majority of games available for Android Are locked at 60 or even 30 fps That's where ASUS hardware and software work comes in – physically, we have the new Snapdragon 855+ with even more CPU and GPU performance, which is aided by the fast UFS 30 memory and features a special cooling system to prevent performance degradation after longer playing time According to the company the ROG Phone 2 is reaches more than 40 degrees at any time even after gaming non-top for an hour; and you can reduce the temperature even further with the fan accessory The upper triggers were also reformulated and it's now possible to perform gestures for certain actions in-game, and rest your fingers on them without activating anything, as they respond only when a certain pressure is made

    In the software part we have a new Game Gene that turned out to be much more fluid and complete You can customize all games individually to deliver the best experience possible, ranging from trigger functions and display quality to block certain areas of the display to prevent accidental touches as well as overclocking But there's no point in having all this power and software suite if you don't have a good online experience, right? With that in mind ASUS has included four Wi-Fi antennas to maximize the reception Being possible even to use two of them at the same time for lower latency The battery also received attention from ASUS, including an absurd 6000 mAh capacity to ensure Many hours of gaming away from the power outlets

    QuickCharge 4 guarantees 4000 mAh recharge in just one hour, promising that every battery will go from 0 to 100% in less than two hours Yes, the new ROG Phone 2 also has cameras, being the same set of Zenfone 6 on the back and a 24 megapixel front sensor for lives We also have an on-screen fingerprint reader, something allowed by the AMOLED As with the 2018 model, ASUS has put a lot of emphasis on the accessories for the ROG Phone 2 ecosystem

    We have new joysticks, which can be used in a similar way to the Nintendo Switch controllers, They can also be coupled to the new Dock with an external monitor The Dock has 5000 mAh battery, heat dissipating fan and a 120 Hz monitor The 2018 model accessories are still compatible with the new ROGPhone 2, which also has three usb-c ports to organize this whole ecosystem The ROG Phone 2 arrived with a look similar to the 2018 model, but with a completely redesigned experience

    More mature, we have a very promising model for those who really want a portable console that makes calls Obviously, the exaggerated size and weight can be a barrier to more conventional users but that's not the focus here – and for that, ASUS has the Zenfone 6 Since no details have yet been released on ROG Phone 2's price, there is no way of knowing how much the investment is really worth, something that should be unveiled only in September, when sales start in Europe Anyway, it's interesting to see ASUS 'commitment to deliver something completely new to the smartphone market

    what is left is to wait and see how consumers will react So what did you think of the new ROG Phone 2? Comment below if ASUS's bet is a valid one on the gamer smartphone market You can also check out more details and images at the link in the description I'll be staying here, a big hug and see you on the next video

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