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Reparar Smartphone que no enciende por Batería defectuosa


in today's video we will see how to fix a phone that can not start at fault of a defective battery for this video I'm going to fix this phone which is from the old battery removable and then I will explain the steps that must be followed with a more modern phone with battery that It is not removable with the typical flex connector I start with this phone, which is quite old It is the first phone that I use in this channel is a xiaomi mi 2 that when trying to load it there is a red fault LED, this may be because the tension of the battery has dropped far below the 3 volts and the phone does not recognize it both do not load and gives that start failure in some phones not in all if you take them away the battery can get to start we see that the red LED does not come out this as I say no occurs in all the phones, only some they allow you to start without the battery the battery is much newer than the phone It's from 2017 the phone is from 2012 it says It works at 42 volts and is the typical battery they sell in Chinese stores and they tend to be fake replacements that sells you as if it was an original battery Anyway, these sudden death breakdowns of the battery can happen to a battery fake or an original what I'm going to do is charge the battery from outside the phone but there is a small problem and is that I do not know which of the 4 electrodes is the positive pole and what is the negative to find out the poles of the electrodes we have several options one of them is to measure if you still have tension the battery I'm going to use a tester that is not appropriate to do this because he is an electrician tester to measure voltages greater than those that I'm going to measure now and it does not show me the decimals of the volts anyway we see that something of tension has then it shows me the symbol less on some electrodes but to make sure and know with certainty what is the negative let's go to the phone and put the battery so that the order of the electrodes matches to have a reference and we put the tester in continuity we put a tip in the card tray sim or in a metal part, a dissipator of heat for example and as we see here if that gives me continuity, that means that the electrode on the left is the negative pole so on the battery as it is set now the electrode on the left is the negative Now that I know which is the negative pole I'm going to prepare a charging cable so we cut the connector I'm going to use the least powerful charger I have this little charger that puts 1 amp I do not think it really arrives to an amp then I'll explain why I choose a little powerful charger we measure the tension of the charging cable and curiously the red that should be positive is the negative and black is the positive, well it's good make sure then we can finish by break the battery so it will have to charge the battery keeping in mind that the color of the cables does not match what I'm going to do are small charges and as the negative was to the left now when turning the battery over the negative is on the right and we make a small charge taking into account that in the cable charger the red is negative so we put it So, the truth is that it's a bit messy we keep the cable so stuck for a while and check if the battery has stored some charge so we put the tester and we see that it has 2 volts with that little while it has been in charge already stores 2 volts as 2 volts is still low voltage so that the phone starts or recognizes the battery we continue to make small charges of several seconds , but it gives you nothing of tension is because that electrode maybe a battery sensor so we would try another electrode the batteries give information to the telephone on temperature and other parameters of the battery through these little ones so if after for a while does not store the load test with another electrode always with the negative in the site that corresponds what to use a weak charger is because when you charge the phone through the telephone manages the load and increases or decreases the charging current, by doing so all the Charger current goes directly to the battery without restrictions without control so for that there are no problems of overheating of the battery is best done with a charger little powerful but let's take a little longer in fix the problem well let's check if it loads and as we see the red LED does not appear anymore but even so turn on good we're on the right track after several attempts and seeing that no I climbed 2 volts decided to put the cables with tape and leave it for about 5 minutes that is, if we have to be alert and see if heats the battery a lot, in the case that get very hot remove the charging cable, you do not need to buy a thermometer of gun putting your hand on the battery It's enough well I will remove the charging cables and check the tension with this electrician tester inappropriate for these jobs let's see and I already get 3 volts good with those 3 volts It should work at least you should recognize the phone the battery if you notice is the same battery from the beginning of the video ok so I put it and now if it starts from I connect the charger anyway It does not have a lot of load and it's perfect good with the applications already outdated but working in the case that you have a phone with a connector flex the steps to follow are exactly the same steps everything is equal the only thing that changes is that we have to work with connectors very small and that makes it more difficult this phone is a xiaomi mi 5 also with the replacement battery for those that last a short time but you do not have the failure that prevents you from starting anyway I will explain the steps to follow here we see the connector of the battery that are like two electrodes up two down and one separation in the middle if we look with the tester we see that the one below to the right is the negative and the one above to the left is positive so at the time to put current we already know the polarity what we have to respect, If the battery in your phone does not have any tension to find out what is the negative then we go to the phone here we see the battery connector is very perque�o so we help ourselves with something fine for example the screwdriver and we stick it to an electrode of the connector and the other end to a capita of these which gives us continuity that is the negative so we would have it as a reference at the time of putting current to the battery to directly charge a battery with connector I made a flex with a wire this dock Craft load a bit shabby but effective and as the wire is very fat I have put this finest copper wire so funky to match well with the electrode so we put it respecting the polarity and to make sure you're really loading we can check the tension and we see that it reaches 4 volts but less as the charger has a voltage drop due to consumption and if It takes a while and we put our hands on it or we check the temperature with a thermometer we see that it's a little hot, it's normal the batteries get hot, if it's too much It is dangerous and you should disconnect it, in the case that does not store the load as I said before with the xiaomi mi2 we put the positive in another electrode that is not clear negative this is because we may be trying charge by a data electrode, of which provide data to the state telephone of the battery as we see it works without problems, in fact the one that was broken was the mi2 that did not start, this was fine, for now well I say goodbye until a next video I hope you serve these repair tips if so, click like we see you in a next video

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