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Redmi 9i Launch Date in india reveals 🔥🔥🔥 | Redmi 9 Series New Smartphone | Spacs,Price,design Out


Hello friends, Welcome back to my channel how are you all So brother, a news related to Xiaomi was revealed last month In which it was told that the company is preparing to bring another new smartphone in India under its 'Redmi 9' series

Which will be launched with the name Redmi 9i Today, Xiaomi has officially announced the curtain raising from this phone That the company is about to launch this device in the Indian market on 15 September So let's see what more detail has come out If you like the video before the video progresses, then please like it

My name is "Anoop" and you are watching "Techno Anoop" Giving information about the launch of Redmi 9i, the company posted on its official website the product page of the phone has also been launched Xiaomi has said that the Redmi 9i smartphone will be launched in India on September 15

Xiaomi's product page is also live on shopping site Flipkart It has become clear that this phone along with the company's official website this e-commerce site will be available for sale

Apart from giving information about the launch of Xiaomi Redmi 9i, the company has revealed that this phone will support 4 GB RAM memory However, it is expected that the Redmi 9i will be launched in more than one variant

At the same time, its photo of the product page of the phone has also been shared Which has revealed that the Redmi 9i Waterdrop will be launched on the Nokia Display A 35mm jack is also provided on the upper part of the phone The volume rocker and power button are present on the right panel

It was previously claimed in the report of the Price Baba website That Xiaomi Redmi 9i smartphone will be launched in India in two variants In the base variant of the phone where 64 GB internal storage will be provided with 4 GB RAM memory 128 GB internal storage can be seen in larger variants with 4 GB RAM memory According to the report, this phone in the Indian market is Nature Green, Sea Blue and Midnight Black will launch in color Apart from this, Redmi 9i will run on MIUI 12 No information has been given about any other specification of Redmi 9i New phones price of Redmi 9, Redmi 9A and Redmi 9 Prime

Price should be around That is, the initial price should be less than Rs 10,000 So brother, No information is available about the specification of Redmi 9i yet

It is expected that the company can reveal the price and specification in this week as soon as more updates come on this, we will definitely update you… please tell us in the comment section how the video looked… If you have come here, please like the video, share it, be sure to subscribe to the channel as well as press the bell icon, So that you get similar important updates if you are watching me on Facebook, then please like the video and follow the page for now, let me get respect with a new funny video, till then take care of yourself and your family Jai Hind, Jai Bharat

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