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Hi hi Hello Hello, peace be upon you Warahmatullahi is still the first DESTIANA servishp How are you doing well? for today as usual I will share you software To flash Or For this collection of software specifically for the realm of OPPORTUNITY this time so before continuing the discussion for those of you who haven't yet subscribed, you subcribe first and don't forget to like go straight to the discussion for The file I have provided is described you can download it and your password can be seen on the screen For rar files like this and you extract them Here asking for a password you can type a password like All capital letters and click ok because I've extracted it so I don't need to extract anymore After you extract the folder will appear like this for how to install you see first and how the software works Like what after coming out like this you can run Administrator This is flash software for realm Flash software for realm For those of you who haven't turned off your antivirus, you can turn it off first While Let's wait until the software process opens Realm software like this looks Here for The menus are not too much so we learn one by one in the driver here you guys recommended install the driver first After you install and this starts working automatic driver Installed after that we see first in the HELP section How to flash the How and enter what menu we can see there because there is help here uses our English Try to interpret it Here, there is writing unable to load davices could not load How to update the driver Oh this is the ways enter enter Fastboot mode if it's not detected here you are premise The cellphone is connected to a PC and enters fastboot mode Continue to number one select the desktop enter the Device Manager first enter the Device Manager first for the flash method to enter Fastboot number two in the device manager select an Android device that is not recognized on other devices then Right-click update driver Continue to number three Click explore my computer for driver software we choose browser as usual After that click, let me choose from the list of drivers available on my computer number five, select KEDACOM USB DAVICES hardware Oh means later follow the stap by stap first Number 6, click continue Number 7 select Yes start the driver installation number 8 the driver starts to be installed number 9 successfully successfully updated the driver Number 10 we see if we detected adb davices interface like this means the sign was successful Ok continue to how to enter the flash method

You already know, I explained here there are browser options Here we are directed we check first What file to use Oh this is wearing ofp file for reality you can download it on Google a lot ofp file maybe its size big if it's a file ofp And try to check first for this kind of reality like this example file Later you if you want to flash what type of reality Later you can download the important ofp type file like this After that Continue loading the device and here it will be detected if the driver is properly installed and continue to flash Maybe that's all the explanation in the software this time does not need at length to shorten the duration for those of you who haven't yet subscribed you can subcribe first to support this channel so that it is always growing and active every day That's all from my destiana services cellphone Peace be upon you, and Allah's mercy and blessings

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