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Realme C3 Unboxing ? Super Smartphone at Rs 6999! //GIVEAWAY//


Hello guys, I’m Amit and welcome back to our PhoneRadar’s new video and guys, Realme has now introduced a new smartphone, which is the — Realme C3, pricing details can be found in the description area below and also the GIVEAWAY details can also be found in this video and here we’ll unboxing this phone and I’ll further show you guys of all the features you can get in this smartphone and what has Realme brought to the table with its budget-centric smartphone lets get started with the unboxing so, guys, it is mentioned here clearly that it is the number one quality smartphone brand, Realme C3 and if we look at the bottom of the package, the pricing information here has been torn off but then there’s also clear mentioning of 12+2MP Rear camera and on the front it has got 5MP camera and the phone’s weight is 194 grams plus, it has 5000mAh battery and on the back, there’s additional information like– 5000mAh battery, 65-inches Mini Drop Full Screen Display, AI Dual Camera and, a Helio G70 chipset again guys you need to know that this new chipset is being introduced in the industry for the first time with this phone i

e with Realme C3 smartphone in fact, if we look at its benchmark scores then this device has scored almost 1,93,000 benchmark score according to reports so, let me open up this box and let’s see what this Realme C3 brings us to the table and here’s it’s plastic protection which we’re unwrapping and then there’s security sticker as you can see, which we’ve cut off as well and finally this is the Realme C3 smartphone and as soon as opening up the box you’re greeted with this first section, which has a SIM ejector pin and it’s also written as ‘let’s embrace a new journey’ and further we can find these reading manuals and alongside a Quick Start Guide as well so, these happen to be the package’s primary contents and then here we have brand new Realme C3, which I’ll put it aside for now, and I’ll further show you the package contents and firstly, we can find the micro USB cable here in the same box and along with it there’s Realme branded power adapter again, talking about power output here then you get a 10 W power output out-of-the-box so, these are the package contents now let me just talk about this brand new Realme C3 smartphone as soon as you unwrap the security protection, it’s quite strong actually, and here we have the new Realme C3 smartphone and it appears quite stylish and as you can see here according to the light reflection it is definitely matte and then also gives you a glossy feel and it certainly has a quite interesting design and this has been the new Realme C3’s complete design overview and then talking about the physical overview on the back, you get 12+2MP rear camera setup where it’s been clearly mentioned as AI Super Camera and along with it in the bottom the device showcases the vertical Realme branding and on the right side of the device you can find the on/off switch and on the top you get a complete clean design and on the left, you get to find volume rockers and along with it the conventional SIM card slot and also at the bottom of the device you can find 35 mm headset jack, speaker grille, microUSB charging port and a dual microphone setup and up front, you have a 65-inches beautiful display with which you also get a 5MP selfie camera up top and here I’m on the setup screen of the device wherein I’ll quickly setup this phone complete and I’ll further take you guys to the device’s Home-screen and guys while you’re setting up the phone’s Home-screen you’ll get an option as there’s no fingerprint unlock option here but you get Face Unlock setup, which is an interesting option and here’s the Realme UI, again, guys, you also need to remember that this is the first smartphone from Realme in which you get Realme UI pre-installed out-of-the-box and this is the first screen to appear of this phone and here, you’re getting Welcome notifications and as you can see it has got a fairly beautiful wallpaper here plus, these are all the applications, which you get pre-installed and if you want to uninstall any app from the bunch just tap the uninstall button so that it quickly gets uninstalled right away let’s go quickly to the Settings and talking about options here or regarding the phone’s ‘About’ area then here’s clear mentioning of Realme C3 and the Realme UI version happens to be version 1 and the device’s got Android 10 version out-of-the-box and along with it you also get additional information here like the device’s got a Security Patch of December 5th and talking about the RAM here then the device here is featured in two different storage variants that include 3GB/32GB and 4GB/64GB variants and the storage variant which I have here is of 4GB/64GB wherein you get 505GB available out-of-the-box and talking about the model number here then it is – RMX2027 and here’s the complete information which you get on this phone and navigating further to the Home-screen here and this is the phone’s camera application so guys, talking about the cameras here then the phone comes with dual rear cameras wherein you can zoom up to 5x basically, it’s actually 4x, and here’s the 4x’s preview and this is the 1x, I mean the zoom works pretty fine again, we will capture and show you some camera samples with which you get an idea and again, HDR is in auto and there are few other options and interesting options too like Chroma Boost option here with which you could get some interesting colour effects and there are interesting filters too and here we have additional settings digging it further will give you some more additional options like enabling Grid, or enabling watermark feature and the video resolution the device’s got is up to 1080p and delving further into video mode and it’s settings then here you can also change the video recording option ie from 1080p to 720p in fact, in this phone, as you know guys, in the budget segment this phone also offers slo-mo video recording feature again, this doesn’t work in indoor lighting but it certainly works fine in the natural lighting conditions and there isn’t any additional information provided about slow motion here but definitely you get the slow motion feature and along with it you have here the ‘pro’ mode, panorama, time-lapse, and portrait mode and moving forward here we have the phone’s front camera and the portrait is also enabled here so, let me just quickly take a selfie [camera clicks] and here’s the just-clicked selfie from this phone and let’s check how the camera has performed by the photo quality and this is definitely a very good photo plus, everything is blurred out in the background and here are few of the camera samples, which I’ve clicked a while ago, and do comment down below on how did you like these camera samples and now, I’ll quickly test this phone's Home-screen’s Face Unlock feature and here let’s check, that was very quick, and it’s unlocked and took directly to home-screen in fact, you can further change it in settings as well like if you want to access home-screen directly after face unlocking, or if you want to auto unlock, you can do that too and now I’ve enabled that option and, ya, it super quickly unlocked, that’s interesting, it has been a super quick unlock and moving forward, let’s quickly glance at the wallpaper options and we’ve got quite interesting wallpapers by default here and this is also a fairly interesting wallpaper here and the phone also looks cool with the wallpaper as you can see again, these are this phone’s complete features and the phone’s got MediaTek’s Helio G70 chipset which has been introduced for the first time and that’s the reason until now, we couldn’t find any lags or whatsoever and guys if you want to we can also additionally play games and give a demo of it as well so, guys, this has been the latest smartphone from Realme, which is the Realme C3 I mean it has got a 5000mAh battery this battery improvement appeared good to me and the chipset of it is also being introduced for the first time, which is also quite an appealing feature, and it has also got fairly interesting camera at this price point I cannot complain it has got a decent camera setup and the company has also refreshed the design of the device when compared with the previous variant and along with it talking further it has got slow motion video recording feature upto 480p and 120fps and alongside you get bokeh mode on the front camera as well assuming if you want to capture portrait shots you can do that too and talking further about pricing we don’t have any details as of now but, I’m guessing since they’ve discontinued 2016 variant i

e Realme C1 completely and the base variant of the new device is minimum of 3GB/ 32GB variant plus you also have 4GB/ 64GB variant, which is a good thing as 2GB RAM doesn’t make any sense in 2020 so I’m expecting this could be priced starting from Rs 7,999 and whatever the official pricing might be it will be available in the description area below and this has been the latest smartphone from Realme, which is the Realme C3 and now let’s talk about GIVEAWAY, and guys, any one of you can win this brand new Realme C3 smartphone to win this you need to comment down below and tell us which feature did you like the most on this phone, plus, you also need to tweet this video as well, meaning, you need to share this video on your Twitter handle and whenever you comment on the YouTube video about the favourite feature do not forget to share your Twitter handle as well I mean you need not put the whole link just the Twitter handle like my handle here, which is @AmitBhawani so that we can cross verify it and we can find you easily on Twitter as well your entry also gets verified plus, we can quickly contact you as well to claim this prize so, this has been a super cool phone’s unboxing, it’s super cool because of what it offers in this price point which no other phone can so this has been complete unboxing of Realme C3 if you have liked this video then do hit the LIKE button and stay Subscribed to the channel and, I’ll meet you guys in our next video, until then, GOOBYE!!

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