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Reality Transurfing Goal Setting (EXACTLY How To Do It)


this video will show you exactly how to set goals using reality trans surfing and how you can apply it so that you really start to get what you want in a very powerful way welcome back to another video my name is Erin and I owe people expand their consciousness now in this video I'm gonna be sharing with you the goal-setting process for that of reality transfer team and I think it's a very powerful process that you can start to apply and when you start to apply it you're started you're gonna start to see things happen that it may be never happen before and that's simply because you've started to align your heart to that of your goals you see this is the biggest misconception when it comes to kind of like the law of attraction process of goal-setting is that people only set their goals on things that their mind wants so the mind wants ego gratification the mind wants a certain dollar amount the mind wants a whole bunch of things for reasons that are self like that in a way kind of just accentuate the ego whereas when we start to live from a place of feeling and a place of passion that's when we start to connect to our heart and this can be the biggest game changer when it comes to you attracting what you want because what you start to do is you start to add more so look for the feeling then just the intellectual idea I found that these two things go hand in hand so a lot of times with especially a lot of the earlier content on this channel you'll see it's a lot about the intellectualism like understanding the process and how to practically apply it which can still be powerful but the more down the rabbit-hole I go the more I realize it's less about the intellectual ideas and it's more about just the fuelling and if you can make the feeling a simple thing like how do you feel in the process then guess what it becomes much more powerful because even if you do like quote unquote work hard which is something I also talked a lot about and I talk a lot about it because just literally I've been rewarded for it the more hard work I've taken I've had better results now at the same time I believe that that's a certain paradigm and it's a very powerful paradigm however there's a paradigm even above that and that's what I'm starting to understand is this a powerful this powerful part of alignment and aligning with goals in a very powerful way so just to give it basis let me explain a little bit of realities Tran surfing in general so that you kind of have a basis for it so that when I explain the goal-setting process you're like oh yeah I see what you mean that makes sense and it has to do with these couple ideas now first off if we simply set more intentions in our life we will start to create more of what we want but Zane is a lot lately because it's so powerful set intentions this means that you set outcomes almost for things that you desire to happen and think of it like this reality Tran surfing in general is similar to that of understanding parallel realities and because the guy that wrote it who is vidiians Eiland was in is a quantum physicist it makes sense so the idea is that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and that any one of these outcomes anything that we can imagine exists right now simply at a different frequency or different resonance and what we can begin to do is by changing ourselves in the present moment we can begin to perceive of the ones that we want to experience so think of it like this the best possible version of yourself of doing exactly what you want to be doing for a living that exists right now in this moment it's just you're not perceiving of it because you're not being that version of you you're not embodying that authentic part of who you really are at the core fundamental soul level so when we become aware of this it's very empowering because literally anything that you want to create in your life if you believe you can do it then you can actually achieve it so that's empowering to know first off like right out the back you know now I feel empowered to take action or pet and power just to set more intentions in my life right so the idea is anything you can imagine exists right now and it's actually there's an infinite number of frames of reality in the same way you might think of a movie strip this is the easiest analogy I found a movie strip analogy or a film reel you stretch out the film you see different frames on that film strip and of course all those frames exist right now in the present moment but each one are separate frames based on just when the light is going through it and how they move through so our brain we have memory so we're able to tag all of those frames together but we know that they're also individual frames in there just appearing to be different separate or appearing to be one fluid reality in the same way I feel like this right now it looks like one continuous motion but if we were to break it down and I were to put this in the editing software right now you would see it go boom boom boom boom we could even break it down down to in each individual frame so that's the idea of understanding parallel realities and that we can start to resonate with what we want to experience and when we do that very powerful now another part of reality train surfing is understanding something called pendulums now this is important for the goal-setting process as well pendulums are these thought structures that are created by the Mass consensus and mass consciousness so think of it like this you may have certain beliefs about yourself you may have certain beliefs about what it means to be maybe American or whatever nationality you are you know this is this is kind of what this means this is the characteristics and the labels attributed to it and guess what there's also other people that have their ideas and maybe even very similar ideas about the same thing now what happens is because we have similar beliefs and similar ideas this can this creates kind of like a grid almost think of it like a grid around the planet of certain belief systems and of really just social conditioning so social conditioning is something that's very powerful because a lot of times we think we're thinking our own thoughts when in reality we're thinking the thoughts of social conditioning this is anytime you feel like you have to do a certain thing or you kind of feel a pull to say something or to do something and you don't know really where it came from well think of it like this pendulums are around in every thought structure every belief that you can think of and really just anything that people put a lot of emotion and energy into there's pendulums around sports teams there's pendulums these thought structures around politics around being Republican or Democrat around being certain nationalities around certain beliefs like you gotta go to school you gotta go do this you got to go into that you can believe those things and there's nothing wrong with them but is it really your thoughts and is it really your goals now here's the thing many people's goals they think is their goals when in reality it's actually the goals of pendulums it's these goals that were kind of conditioned to believe oh that's just the logical next step I need to go to school go to college get this nine-to-five job work my way up the corporate and be happy but you see that linear sequence that be happy at the end starts to mess up the whole process because we got it twist it we need it instead put the happiness on the front end and then see that we can choose to be happy in the present moment with our own beliefs it's just a common belief that you must use even a pendulum around beam and how we should go about goals there's pendulums around saying if you do X Y & Z you will feel this way and this way is better than where you are now so think about it there's pendulums around everything anytime we have thoughts there's an electromagnetic energy reality to it that we just can't see and the more we embody it the more we start to make that materialized so knowing that the question then becomes how can I think my own thoughts because when I take my own thoughts I create my own way I create my own path so that's another important process as well and of course everyone's favorite part of reality trans surfing that I've shared it with and at least the one that's changed my life the most is that when you decrease the importance that you give to anything you start to more so resonate with what you want so most of us have a goal we put it on a pedestal we say when I achieve this goal I will feel X Y or Z we feel this amazing state of euphoria it's very important that we get this goal so because it's very important guess what we create resistance in the present moment and when we create resistance it's less likely that we are resonating with it now the easiest analogy is if you've ever had somebody you were attracted to and you're like yo my ask that girl out and ask that guy out whatever it is you're like I'm gonna do it they're very important I really wanted to go well and really attached to the outcome you then go up to them or you even start talking them and guess what there's resistance there because you want it to go a certain way you're trying to run away kind of controller because it's very important whereas the suave guy or the suave girl that just doesn't care guess what things have been easier for them because they're less attached and they don't make it that important so the key to this is to moreso see it as natural for you to attain your goals that was me it's like creating YouTube videos daily growing on YouTube my my guess just naturally Who I am because I create daily videos and a natural side effect of that is growth it's just a part of the process and because I have that view it's much easier for me to go along this big it's just natural that's the viewpoint so setting intentions not being banged around by pendulums and not making anything more important that has to be is the most powerful part of the whole process I believe of reality Tran surfing now when it comes to goals the key to goals is understanding that we must have a goal first off that connects to our heart now I've said this many times before but if we make the money the goal guess what the head understands it the head is totally in sync with it say yo I want the money for the ego gratification I want the money now that seems a bad thing but I want the money because the money equals the freedom the money equals the security the money equals me doing what I want when I want to do it which is great it's an emotion as well you know the it could be an emotion you get from the money but this is the thing the the heart doesn't understand that translation the heart doesn't understand that the money is an abstract symbol that then represents something you can get with the money that you have so instead take money out of the equation and go straight for the goal itself but also so it'd be like you know oh I want to be able to travel the world well instead of thinking about the you know the $50,000 that it may cost you to travel the world for like a year or two instead of thinking of that just think of traveling the world for a year or two because then you may open up other opportunities you know I've explained this before as well but I've been offered to travel places for free just because I have a youtube channel if I'll just talk about wherever I am and I've logged the experience so if I was like oh it's only if it's the money then it then it counts then I would block all those other experiences out of these companies reaching out to me saying hey will you come here and do this will you come here and do this so it's just not awareness that we don't have to have it have the way that our mind thinks it has to do so don't make the goal the money make the goal something you're passionate about I'm actually passionate about traveling I love traveling I love making videos so guess what if I can travel and make videos at the same time that's a win-win that's one of the goals that's not like you know the money equals that that's the goal itself and guess what my heart can connect to that so what I encourage you to do is to start to look at what your goals really are if you're like you know what I want to live in this kind of house I want to have this kind of person in my life I want do this for a living whatever it is take the money out of the equation and instead look for what the actual goal is I saw an interview as I was reading before I went to bed last night and I read this thing where Tony Robbins was talking to somebody else it was like a guy I think his name is James all teacher he was talking about this experience he had with Tony Robbins where he was interviewing him and Tony said that he was talking to this guy once that was like at his seminars or something like that and he asked them what their goals are and this guy said he wanted to be a billionaire he said okay so Tony Robbins like why do you want to be billionaire and this guy was like oh I want to be a billionaire because I want to be able to fly a plane I have my own plane to fly whenever I want and he said ok you think that that you need to have a billion dollars to do that in actuality it would cost you maybe 20 or 30 thousand dollars a flight or like a trip or something like that and you do that maybe eight times a year so really what you want is like $200,000 or a couple hundred thousand dollars you don't actually need a billion dollars which is what a thousand million thousand million so think about it like that so it's like okay so then that guy and basically what they did is he rearranged that guy's goals and realized that what his real goal was and he thought it was a billion dollars of the money he said your real goal is probably about a ten million dollar lifestyle for the dream life that you're talking about but he thought it was a billion because he wasn't aware of that now we could take money out of this altogether because what if that guy instead of said the money said my goal is to travel and to when I want to want a flight have my own private jet or not even a private jet but just a place a plane to get from point A to point B and what it you know it may be his own plane as well did not like you just gets on a commercial flight it can be a goal like that but have it be something as more stroked straight to the source rather than what the goal can bring you so it's kind of a different idea but I think it's very powerful and this is the main key connect it to the feeling take out the intellectual ideas oh it has to happen like this and like that the more I realize I focus on the intellectualism of how everything has to happen and trying to control all the outcomes the more resistance I create the more I just go with the flow the more things happen very powerfully and think of it like this the goals that I have and think of reality Tran surfing in general how about this reality Tran circuit in general what does that mean reality trans surfing well it means that there's different realities for different what we call the space of variations or the infinite parallel realities that exist and trans surfing means we are traveling through that space if you were to break down the word I think that in the book it says it means it means gliding through the space of variations gliding through parallel realities gliding right it's much easier it's much more allowing it's not like trying to control everything and trying to make everything happen it's surfing right surfing let the wave carry you in the same way aligned with the energy state aligned with how you feel trust the process and as you do all these things things happen in a much more powerful way because you're not giving everything excess meaning or you're not you're not making it the goal itself so here's the key reality Tran surfing goal-setting make it the goal for you to be connected to your heart make the goal for you to be happy in the present moment and the more you practice the feeling the more you will experience the result of what you want the more you experience what you want in life this is more about the connection you have to the feeling and as you start to pay attention to the feeling more it changes everything then remember decrease the level of importance if you guys want a free guided meditation that will show you exactly how to wire in these ideas of reality Tran surfing I've created a free meditation below in the top of the description box I recommend you listen to it for 21 days in a row I think it can absolutely transform your life and it will help you decrease the level of importance you give your goals so that you increase the probability that they actually happen so it's about that balance of that energy now if you find that you don't have a lot of energy then what it could be or you don't have you don't even know what your goals are it could be simply that that drive isn't within you simply because your energy levels may be low this is something that talks about in the book as well so think of it like this your body is an electromagnetic energy there's actually you know energy that goes outside of your body it's not like just this is your body there's actually and like it they call this an aura there's an energy field around your body and if you are thinking a lot of thoughts that are repetitive negative it causes blockage in the body if you're eating a bad diet causes blockage within the body and with it the energetic field so instead start to be more aware of how you feel with what you eat are you eating for your body or are you eating for your mind are you eating things that are high stimulation things that take your body a lot of energy to break down because if so you may be causing blocks within you so instead be aware of that and start to eat healthier maybe start to eat more nutrient-rich foods on fruits and veggies this will help you to increase your energy levels and when you increase your energy levels you increase the power of your heart center you increase the power of your intentions and you can actually create a much more powerful way people will literally respond to you differently the more I've increased my own energy through being aware of what I eat through just doing what I'm doing the more I realize that I have a sense of presence when I go places not saying it's an egotistical type way but I can I can tell that people respond to me much differently than maybe they did two years ago and it's because maybe I'm more grounded to my purpose and we're grounded in my passion but it's just something that people can feel and guess what it's now linking up with new opportunities to where things are just coming in my life that are happening very quickly at a very fast rate and I think they can happen for you too so start to connect to more so the ideal reality you want to experience make it something your heart is connected to something that you feel a certain emotion from dumb it down don't make it so intellectual at all this complicated stuff just focus on the feeling follow that feeling and as you start to align with it by not making it more important than it has to be you start to experience amazing things in your life so what's that being said I hope you guys enjoy this video feel free to like this video if you guys like this subscribe if you haven't already done notification bells so that you can see the daily visit I do that's the way YouTube does things now you may not see everything I do every day unless you hit that Bell Oh see you guys on the next bit

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