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race|result Tech Check: Updating Hardware & Software


imagine a world where decoder firmware was only updated every three years and then you are forced to update or your system would stop working all together thankfully here at race result we strive to offer you the best tools to do your job in today's episode of race result Tech Check we're going to look at why you should and how to update both your decoder firmware and race result 11 software now we've come a long way in the last few years and next to me here is a 3000 series decoder from around 2012 with the firmware version so old it's not even logged And check out this screenshot of one of the oldest versions of race result 11 we could dig out of our archives

Almost unrecognizable in its appearance but today's episode of race result Tech Check is why you shouldn't want to use outdated technology so let's bring this up to speed a little bit now here we have a brand new 5000 s decoder running version 248 and you can see we've come a really long way but why am I dragging on about this again well not only do we want to make sure our times are making the best of their race result solution but from a support perspective it becomes increasingly difficult to support products with old firmware sometimes we can be trying to diagnose an issue and it later transpires that the feature they're trying to use isn't actually supported by that device When we've released new firmware we're mainly bringing out new features and enhancements to make timing easier and more enjoyable a couple of noticeable improvements last year were the new first and last detection mode and also the mobile GSM connectivity the first and last detection mode improves the reliability of detections on a start line without having to change mode between the start and the finish and if you want to understand more about that then check out this webinar we did last year taking a closer look at decoder features The mobile GSM connectivity was actually completely rewritten from the ground up last year to improve both the reliability and connection speed particularly when using auto APM and these are just a couple of enhancements other more recent features include the new storage method on the internal memory support for USB Wi-Fi dongles and also the antenna number on passive passings files there's also a ton of work going on in the background to improve the reliability and performance of your decoder We also wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to upgrade your decoder that's why it can be done directly from the decoder itself simply grab a LAN cable and hook it up to your internet router or router for our American friends making sure you have the correct IP configuration for your network then simply open the menu and go into the system and check for latest firmware the system will then askif you want to download and install the latest version and this systems telling me that version 2

49 is available so I'm going to go ahead and do that now Once done after a quick restart I'm all ready to go so let's take a look at the software side of things the user interface of race result from 2015 whilst maintaining some similarities is almost completely unrecognizable from what we're used to today our development team and that includes Soenke himself are constantly working to bring you new features and enhancements while some of these are obvious others less so there's constant work being done to improve the reliability and performance of calculations such as results ranks and functions this ensures the same reliable performance whether your timing 50 participants or 50,000 participants the timing module and raw data exporters are a couple of recent enhancements but it's funny to think that only 18 months ago raw data mode was still relatively new and not widely used October 2018 saw one of the largest updates of recent times with the version number jumping from 113 first seen in August of 2016 up to 114 and development didn't slow down jumping to 114

12 in just a couple of weeks updating software is just as easy as when you first installed it simply head over to raceresultcom and open the software download page to download the most recent version simply run the Installer which will automatically close your current version of race result 11 and you're all good to go to keep track of changes both hardware and software revision notes are available in our knowledgebase and I had a good laugh looking at some of the notes from race result 10 in 2011 with some things that just seemed obvious today so before writing to support with a problem please make sure you're running a recent firmware and software version so we can offer you a better service now I'm off to go see what more I can break I mean test see you next time and thanks for watching you

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