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race|result Tech Check: Chip2Go


Have you ever needed spare chips at the last minute Stuck a chip to the wrong bib or simply wanted to be more flexible with your in-house chip sticking? Well today on race result tech check I'm here to tell you why our new Chip2Go machine could be the next best thing since sliced bread or our foldable ground antenna Our chip to go is a unique product which allows you to quickly and easily encode your own transponders, ready to stick to the back of bibs It was designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind

That's why it's portable enough to be carried to an event, can be run off a simple 12 volt power supply, supports a variety of inputs depending on your needs, doesn't require any additional computer or networking and even feeds out the chip ready to be peeled away without having to fumble around with the backing sheet But how is this actually going to make my life easier, I hear you say Well, let's take a look at a few typical use cases Say I have an event coming up where the organizer insists on ordering their own bibs for me to stick chips to Normally, I'd have to go away order rolls of chips according to their number range, then when they arrive make sure I match the right roll of chips to the right stack of bibs

Or which could waste time and produces more opportunity for error? With a chip to go machine, I simply need to grab my system any roll of raw transponders and any stack of bibs – and I'm ready to start sticking chips I can use the handy count up or count down feature to quickly produce a series of numbers without having to stop If I start at chip number one, and then I tell the Machine to count up it will continuously feed out sequential chip numbers until I tell the machine to stop On the flip side if I start from number 200 and tell the machine to count down It will count down my chip numbers again until I tell it to stop or it reaches zero If I don't trust myself I can use the check antenna on front of the unit to verify the correct chip is on the correct bib But what if a stack of bibs aren't all in the correct order? or I want to be really double triple sure that I'm sticking the correct chip to the correct bib number? That's where our optional barcode scanner comes in handy All I need to do is make sure my bibs include a barcode in the correct format and when ordering bibs from us you can request this

Then simply scan the barcode and the Chip2Go will produce the chip ready for me to stick to the back of the bib The chip to go can produce up to 60 transponders a minute That's one a second and it definitely felt faster than that when I was trying to keep up earlier So unless you can stick faster than that, this definitely shouldn't slow you down Where this comes in useful is those Friday afternoons where an organizer calls and says Hey, I need 200 more chips, is that ok? Well, now it can be

Assuming you can get the bibs printed in time or have some spare ones lying around You can use the chip to go to quickly encode the transponders you need for those bibs In fact, why not even take it to the event with you and do it on-site? That's one of the use cases where the Chip2Go could actually save you money Perhaps I have an event where the organizer is a little bit optimistic and reckons they're going to get 500 on the day entries for a race with only 200 people signed up From past experience I know this is pretty unlikely

And if I order 500 spare bibs with chips, I could be wasting 400 chips, which is not ideal Well, why not order those bibs without their chips then use my Chip2Go on site? So when someone comes to sign up I simply grab the next available bib, scan the barcode or enter the number via the touchscreen or USB keypad and I can have the chip encoded stuck and ready to go before they ask: "So what time does the race start?" Taking a closer look at the Chip2Go itself The unit is completely standalone You don't need anything else to use it No computer-based software or network

Simply one Chip2Go with a power supply, your role of raw transponders and you're ready to go The unit uses the same power adapter as seen on our Loop Boxes and Track Box charges We supply this with a 15 volt power supply but as mentioned it will work with a 12 volt supply just with a slightly slower motor speed On the front of the unit we have the touchscreen display, which can be read even in sunlight So can be used outdoors at events Below that is our chip check antenna which can be used to check the chip and shows the current chips in range on the screen

The unit features three USB ports which can be used with your external inputs such as barcode scanner and number keypad and is also used to update the firmware of the system The latest firmware for the chip to go can be downloaded from our Knowledge Base online Simply copy this to USB stick, plug it in and the update will run automatically Chip2Go machines can be ordered directly in our shop online and are competitively priced compared to other chip printing options on the market So you could even purchase a few for mass production if needed

Raw transponders can be purchased in single or duo rolls When ordering duo rolls the machine will automatically encode and feed out two identical chips of the same number at a time It is worth noting: This isn't a chip printing machine, which can be used to produce rolls of transponders in advance But when the Chip2Go can encode and feed the chips ready to stick this quickly, it eliminates the need to pre print transponders It can be used by anyone with minimal training In fact, about as much as it takes to say: "Stick the right chip to the right bib" anyway

That's all for Chip2Go now it's time for me2go And if you do want to learn more about how to use the Chip2Go then check out the additional videos on our YouTube channel Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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