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    Hi, this is Leo from the TechMaker channel and we finally find ourselves in FaceCam and with nice lights as a bonus! What are you going to do, a few days or even weeks that we have not seen? * great inspiration * Yeah ok, it's been a little longer Well I hope you have not forgotten my head anyway, it's true that it was damn hot on the last videos I had even spoken buying an air conditioning and when I start to make the FaceCam the heat wave is over, suddenly it was not a real excuse in the end But hey it's okay it's part of the past and suddenly we end up finally in front of the camera with the meter behind and the chibi, oh yes there is also that has changed There is someone who has kicked his legs well he's a little bit broken, we'll fix that later story is once again in the background! Today we find ourselves for a topic that is asked me a lot on social networks: which smartphone to choose in 2018? Whether you have a tight budget, if you want the best value, a crazy camera or even a phone to play, well finally the phone of your dreams will not necessarily be the same And that's why rather than answering each of you on Twitter why not make a video since most phones came out this year! There are still some phones coming out at the end of the year But concretely I do not think to add them to this list So I'll offer several models that I find interesting on different aspects The best value if you have a budget a little more decent, the best phone if you want to take pictures of sick and finally like I said earlier, the best phone for gamers And yes because gaming is not something you have to neglect today on smartphones! There are big games coming out on the Playstore lately, for example Fortnite just to mention him And suddenly there are phones that have good ergonomics to play in optimal conditions Well, what are we waiting for? TIGHT BUDGET ! For this category the choice is all found for me the Xiaomi Mi A2 which is brand new because it is out There are not even two weeks! I'm not a big fan at the base of the brand's phones Xiaomi because suddenly there is an overlay called Miui that people love or hate and Personally I hate it because it looks a lot like an iPhone overlay actually And the advantage of the A range at Xiaomi is that we are on the Android Stock with Android One so that in terms of user experience you have something that gathers as much as possible to an android as expected at the base, we're on a 6-inch phone and so with an 18: 9 screen that is the standard today for phones of this style

    At the processor level we have a Snapdragon 660 Well we are not on the latest Snapdragon but with that you clearly make all applications run in a fluid way, maybe for big games it may be a little more complicated and more! In addition it is coupled at 4 gigabytes of RAM, which is more than enough Finally for the battery is 3010 mA / h, you hold the day completely with it and you will not have too much battery problem before you can recharge it at night There's even a way to run a few applications in an intensive way without really worrying Finally this phone is pretty classic is not really revolution and why I talk about it here? Well simply at the level of budget is that all that you can have for about 200 € and at that price it's totally unbeatable! Surely you do not have an OLED screen and suddenly with the best colors possible but you have a screen 18: 9 with a decent processor, with a decent battery, all that for about 200 € if you have a budget in these waters it is clearly the phone you need! After cons actually, part of which I did not speak is the part photo and there it is clear that it will fish a little, there is really on the smartphone part and no photo you can do some clichés occasionally that will be pretty much drinkable but that's not what you're going to do thousands of likes on Instagram, clearly And of course, who says Xiaomi says import so it means that we will have to go through Chinese sites to buy this kind of phones be it Gearbest, Ali Express, this kind of sites Again if the import scares you well I'll talk about it at the end of the video because there are three of the four phones that I will advise you in this video that are precisely import phones The best value for money There I will advise the phone that I use every day that replaced my One Plus 5T that I had before and it's just the One Plus 6, his little brother Well, in reality, there is not much improvements over his big brother all we have is precisely the notch found on all phones now a little upscale, because it became fashionable I imagine ? Personally where I find that the 18: 9 has a real interest to be able to put two applications at the same time bah there the notch apart show some notifications, I think we can easily do without it, but hey it's a personal opinion for the shot Here we have the latest Snapdragon 845 found in all high-end phones There will be no problem to run all the latest games that have just come out with the best possible configurations

    And coupled with that we have 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM, we'll talk about that at the end of this part Finally, if you want to know what I think about this phone you can go see the video of One Plus 5T that I made at the time because we just have an extra slot, a better battery, a better processor and a little better photos, even if it remains, again, not the best on the market Besides, I could very well have advised the One Plus 5T but as I told you, I want to advise you that phones that came out this year 2018 and the One Plus 5T came out last year No luck! To come to the price which is so very important for this category this phone was in the 520 € at its introductory price, from 520 to 620 € in fact, it depended on the storage and it depended on the RAM you have inside Effectively for storage is either 64, 128 or 256 GB Well I think 128 is more than enough, Nevertheless, we must note that we can not add SD card so concretely plan it in advance In addition to that with the version 128 GO bah you have 2 GB of additional RAM, so much to enjoy and as I said, the introductory price and 520 € but it is a phone that can also be found in import and we can find the first versions at 420 €, which is already 100 € less a few months after and at € 420 is clearly unbeatable, there is no phone that ends with an OLED screen of this quality with a processor too powerful and a battery that holds the road coupled with that with Oxygen OS, which is an Android again that is almost Stock and you know very well that I like when the Android is the most Stock possible Ben I think there is not really a better choice to make! If you are interested again the link is in description Best camera! Ah, the category where I'm the worst, as you know it's clearly not my favorite area the photos, and so it's going to be quite complicated to advise you on that and moreover if you have any suggestions that are better than mine bah do not hesitate to comment Especially that smartphones that make beautiful photos this year are not really many that came out, because there are two that I would have I can quote here: the iPhone 10 and the Google Pixel XL 2 except that the thing is that these are phones that came out last year If you really need to take a phone that came out this year, well we'll go to the Galaxy S9 + Well again we are just looking for a camera that makes beautiful pictures, for me the problem of this kind of phones is the Touchwiz overlay that is a little heavy, the fact that suddenly we are blocked with Bixby with a dedicated button even if there is opportunity to change, we're really going to talk about sensors

    Here we have an 8 Mpx sensor on the front and two 12 Mpx sensors on the back Certainly they are not the biggest sensors in the world but again on smartphones is not that is the most important when we look at the clichés that are made with the beast well it makes really good, whether it's in good light conditions or even at night sessions, there's really a way to have some really good stuff nice and also something that is quite interesting for a device of this style is that we can change the focal length, we can be either at 15 or 24 and we even see it physically on the device we see precisely that the camera will change in relation to that, concretely what will change is the blur background and it's kind of fun to see that kind of functionality coming on smartphones that are so small The problem of this kind devices is that it's still quite expensive, it will have to put on the table about 700 € It is clearly not given and suddenly really know what you want for your phone If that's really what interests you, well, you can go to this model But is it really worth buying an expensive phone instead of spending that extra money? in a more classic camera? Well after that depends on you Personally I prefer to have a better classic camera to have a phone that would cost a little cheaper but it depends on the tastes of each Phone gamer! If you are a gamer with an @ instead of "a", this is the category that interests you, actually as I said earlier there are a lot of games coming out lately there was PUBG who had a lot of advance on Android now Fortnite also happens and no doubt that with such big games coming on these platforms that will generate a lot of money, there is way that a lot of manufacturers are interested and to precisely play in the most optimal ways well smartphones manufacturers created phones really planned for and suddenly here the phone that I will advise is still the Xiaomi brand, the Xiaomi Black Shark Well, we're going to believe that I'm really a fan of the brand Maybe I'm not up to the point of buying their toilet

    Ah, whatever I think I did in fact but already is it necessary to judge a gamer phone with the same criteria as a conventional phone? Well not at all there what will interest us already bah is the performance in the first place but especially the cooling system for precisely that the phone does not burn at your fingertips after three minutes because we must not forget once again that has it really in the hands the phone compared to a console a little more classic The screen of the latter is still better to have the OLED I made a video at the time to explain the differences between the different types smartphones, but with that you will have much better colors and suddenly at the level of your mirettes that will be much more fun And finally the ergonomics, that's why a lot of people are put off to play on smartphone since the ergonomics are totally tactile, it's true that to control a character precisely with a touch pad is not what is more fun if these phones there are precisely triggers additional there is a joystick squarely next to the phone It's still more fun for the gaming experience is something that must be taken into account and so the Xiaomi Black Shark responds to a lot of these criteria, already at the level of cooling we are down on liquid cooling which allows to have a much colder phone when you use the processor thoroughly, concretely the manufacturer indicates that the phone heats up about 8 ° C lower than other phones in the same price range Then at the level of the screen we are on the 18: 9 which is really the norm but especially an OLED screen and suddenly with better colors Add to that that there is also a technology which allows to have a better fluidity of the image, the Pixel Works so it's something that is pretty well decried on the computer but nevertheless on the phone maybe it's a little less embarrassing given that the action is a bit slower as it creates a little latency and of course to talk about the most important point of ergonomics, Well, there is also a small adapter on the side that is also sold separately I think it's ultra silly but that allows to add a joystick to the left of the phone and a few triggers and that bah it completely changes the game vision because suddenly it's much easier is much more fun to play on this little phone And obviously at the performance level we are on a Snapdragon 845 and as we saw earlier this is the best on the market now so clearly there should not be too much trouble In short for less than 50 € is the best choice if you are looking for a gamer phone again, there is not much choice, last year there was the Razer Phone that was released but had some concerns since it was still pretty expensive for what he proposed and this year apart from the Xiaomi Black Shark there may be the Asus Rogue but is not out yet and that should cost about 1000 €, as this phone does not really have any competition yet but there is still a problem seen that it's gamer phones they often have PC gamer look and I think it makes a kikoo, that again tastes and colors And I think you make a detailed video of this phone once I receive it because currently it is out of stock a little bit everywhere it's complicated to get it but since a lot of games are going to happen on mobile, I think it can be very interesting to count on phones of this style in the future if again you are gamer in the soul! In short I think I have finally answered everyone and as a result people finally have the answer of what phone they can have with their budget with their expectations Of course I put links in descriptions to the different phones that I propose then on these phones are three of the four which are in import, I made a video before to explain to you in fact what is the dangers of the import but concretely there is not too much risk either but I invite you to watch this video if you have not seen at the time on the card just up there! And you, then, do you agree with my recommendations for this year 2018? Well, do not hesitate not to say it in the comments! Again I have no infuse science and I think I do not have the same criteria as everyone else to choose a smartphone so I think it can be interesting that everyone shares their user feedback to better recommend each, because as you said rather I would rarely recommend phones with overlays like Touchwiz or Miui but maybe people just love it and eventually my choice may not be the best for you and I hope that my return FaceCam does not destabilize you too much it's true three months that I had not done but I would like to redo a little more often and suddenly alternating with the video chibi and the video FaceCam it is true that I think that I am perhaps a bit rusty do not hesitate to tell me that in the comments but well, it's like cycling, it's not forgotten and it's going to come back quickly In any case if you liked this video, do not forget obviously the blue thumb of love and follow me on the networks Social Internet, I obviously talk about Twitter and Instagram especially that there are some competitions that should arrive by September! So do not hesitate to go see Do not hesitate to share the video a maximum for all those people who hesitate to buy a new phone and who will unfortunately buy an iPhone! Ah, and of course subscribe to the channel by clicking on logo that just appeared right there! It was Leo from the TechMaker channel and above all, never stop learning, hello!

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