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Quanto custa um smartphone no Japão – Japão Nosso De Cada Dia


Hello? Can you please see if you have an ice-colored car in front of your house? No? It's already melted! Hihi (laughs) (laughter) (music) Minnan san konichiwa Prit desu Lohgann desu

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! A little while ago I was commenting on my social networks that I wanted to change my cell phone that I could no longer take my other cell phone that was already very old Many people gave me suggestions, they told me to change and such! For me to strive to raise a little money The last time I changed my cell phone was this one! In 2012 I traded for this Galaxy Note 2, you can see that the poor guy here There are people who even ask what museum I stole from And finally, I was able to change my cell phone! I'll tell you a little about the reasons that made me change this little thing here He's not a bad cell phone, he's not I mean, he's old man, yes, but he was working very well! The only problem with it is that the version was no longer updating So many applications were closing out of nowhere they were starting to crash and even my Snapchat there – whoever follows me, if you do not follow me, follow – who follows me was seeing me like this in several slowmotion videos like that

They were talking until I was using someone else to voice what I was talking about My new cell phone is here oh! This is it, beautiful thing! Look, it looks like a mirror back The camera there! We! It is a Xperia Z5 Premium Just a minute, this does not come together This is to clean the screen

I chose this cell phone because besides having a mirror no, mirror has nothing to do! It's because the screen here is! It's the same size This one is a little bigger, so it's a little bit longer But the screen is the same 55 inches

And I want to find out a bit more what this 4K-quality mobile phone can do What can help our channel too, huh? We always see in the comments questions related to how does the purchase of mobile phone, smartphone here in Japan Values, plans So we'll enjoy that Prit switched from smartphone to comment with you If we talk about all the plans that exist, all the carriers and all the phones that are sold here in Japan We could not talk in this video, it would be too long So we will share with you only our experience In Japan, there are three carriers which are very common, and well-known, which is "DOCOMO, SOFTBANK and AU" For you to buy a smart phone, you first need to choose your carrier And then the model you want !! For example, when the iphone came to Japan

The first iphone it only had, by the operator SoftBank, then you, needed to choose SoftBank, then buy your iphone He had neither DOCOMO nor UA We are already DOCOMO customers for some time so I decided to buy my new phone through DOCOMO even To buy this new device I could choose two payment methods: either the view or installment in 24 times In view this device would cost ¥ 93,000, but in term, in 24 times, the final total value would be ¥ 61,000 You did not get it wrong and we did not miss it either! in the long run it would be cheaper than if we bought it we think this happens because it must be a tactic of the operator to keep the client loyalty for at least two years we'll be stuck with DOCOMO but the cell phone came out cheaper! Since it takes a lot of time to change hands, we usually need to change plans as well Operators always present a new plan and that is exactly what happened in our case the plan that I have chosen has a fixed rate for calls, I can call any device, as much as I want, for any carrier, which is the same amount the internet data limit I chose for my device is 2 gigs this was a suggestion of the attendant, she did an analysis of the previous device of Prit and saw that her consumption did not reach even 1 giga right so she suggested this limit of 2 gigs although the plan is new for this new appliance, the monthly fee is the same as the previous month's tuition fee ¥ 6,500 per month plus the value of the handset that I have divided into 24 times which is ¥ 2,500, so my monthly fee in total will stay at ¥ 9,000 mine still ¥ 6,500 because I do not need to pay my cell phone, it's already paid! so I only paid the monthly fee after two years my cell phone will already be paid and my monthly fee will be ¥ 6,500 one thing that we think different from the cell phones here in Japan is that it also bears the name of the operator up here it is written DOCOMO on my new cell phone it's back here DOCOMO we do not know if the other operators, Softbank and AU also do this, because we never bought smartphones or cellular from these operators my smartphone is a Google Nexus 5, I bought it directly from Google's website here from Japan, so it does not have the name of DOCOMO here or any other operator Another curiosity is that all the cellphones here from Japan when you go to use the camera phone application they make noise we know that if you download another application to take a photo, we can configure it, but the standard smartphone application you can not remove the sound, this is something here from Japan (click to enlarge) what we found out is that they do it in Japan so you do not take a picture of others, so, without permission, invading privacy, in Japan, this is very strict, I do not know if in other countries it is like that too the third curiosity is that the devices here of Japan have a system called FELICA and you see for that image that is behind the devices of a ZOOM there, go show my old cell phone, all broken this little symbol here is called FELICA and unfortunately NEXUS 5 does not have it! But what is FELICA for? Basically you can make payments and registrations just by touching the cell phone For example: I bought a little something here in Lohgann's shop and this one is the little device for me to pay with my cell phone, I come here and tchummmm I'll back up the cell phone and you're done! it's paid

the part of the registry is cool when you go in some game center, you can make your register in the arcades to serve as if it were a memory card Do you record your data? and then you can go back to playing, then you will be saved your level, how much you got, your record, these things you get items! This type of registration we use a lot, unfortunately after I changed my smartphone I lost it to finalize the video let's make a quick account adding the value of Lohgann + mobile to my account + the provision of my cell phone, everything will be at ¥ 16,000 Approximately R $ 52200 Hello? Are you uuuuuuuhummmrrrrr !!!!!! SO KARO NÉ! very expensive! This one is another video for you to understand a bit more about the cost of living here in Japan If you did not see the video we talked about the minimum wage, it is here in the letter "i", just click and watch with him you can have an idea of ​​how much of our salary we have to pay to pay our monthly telephone bill remembering that all the values ​​that were presented in this video are based on our purchase there are several plans, several operators, I'm sure each one should pay a different value what we want is to share some of our experience so you have an idea of ​​what we have here in Japan We are more than ten years out of Brazil I no longer know how it works, I do not know have plans, how are the plans Do you have plans? we read on the internet something related to dual chip and as far as I know, here in Japan does not have this dual-chip, does not have that need I at least never bought any smartphone that has dual chip And in your country, do you have that too? Is something different? And of the curiosities that we talked about on cell phones here, is it the same in your Country, too? is different? Is there anything we forgot to talk about? If you liked this video, click I LIKED it Add this video to your FAVORITES and share it with your friends and if you are not yet REGISTERED on our channel, we have videos every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday as well Does it work ??? So sign up and do not miss any more of our videos Matane! Bye Bye (bloopers)

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