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Putin: I Don't Have A Smartphone; I Don't Need It At All!


Digitalization and artificial intelligence Why is everybody dreaming of going to Silicon Valley instead of Skolkovo? Firstly, not everybody

The brain drain is on the decline And in general … I can tell you what it is like OK, I do not doubt that it still exists Because people are like fish Fish tend to search for better waters, while people look for better places to live, as a well-known saying goes

And the state? I will tell you about the state, too But a skilled workforce, or let us put it differently top-notch specialists and employees, look for better places to employ their knowledge, capabilities, and skills Wherever the pay is better, that is where they go It is as simple as that So, the state should create conditions to attract top-ranked professionals

There are two ways of doing this So Either we isolate ourselves the way it was done in… You mean to keep them from leaving? Grab hold of them and don’t let them out

Saddle them with some extra liabilities For instance, someone who’s received a higher education cannot leave the country, that individual will have to work here, must either do this or that or reimburse for the cost of his tuition And so on and so forth This is what has been proposed for the health care sector Either a labor market for … For oneself? In general, in principle if a person studies at the government's expense, he is obliged to work or refund the tuition costs

This is one of the ideas It means… And what do you think of this? ? And what do you think of this? By and large, this is a potential option It is possible If a person studies… Sounds like serfdom Why? Well, if you pay for your education yourself, you have the right to go anywhere and work wherever you please

But if you get education at the government's expense, especially if your region pays for your education hoping that you’ll come back… I agree Then it is quite fair If you do not want to work there if you are unable to comply with the terms of the contract, then you are expected to refund the costs That’s quite fair The other option is to create conditions, to pay better

As you know, it just seems easy Civil aviation began to pay decent salaries because it needed foreign experts, which resulted in a labor market imbalance It affected military pilots who eagerly began to leave the armed forces, flocking to work as co-pilots in civilian airlines The same is happening here So, we should think over this matter

There is a need to raise salaries, but how do we do this? One option is through grants We have just developed a vast system of grants It encompasses not only the IT segment but also the high-tech industry in general And it works well I guess that you have gotten some statistics ready there on how many people are leaving

But take a look at how many people are coming in There is an influx now The amount of people who are leaving is the same number as those employed at Mailru, which represents the number of people leaving every year Maybe

But Mailru keeps making progress as well You see? Yandex is thriving too So it updates annually Listen, Yandex is developing as well They did not exist in the past, but now they do And they compete well, even with large global companies, such as Google among others This proves there is progress

It is impossible to keep them all here Or maybe, we should not train such a great number of people It is a lose-lose situation There are also people who return And their number is not as meager as you may think

I met them, the recipients of the so-called megagrants and ordinary grants They are very interesting people, interesting guys, with good work experience both in our country and abroad Many of them have a strong desire to return And we are bringing many of them back, we are creating conditions for them and setting up laboratories, along with offering them special salary packages You know what I found quite interesting and what made me happy? Not only do they themselves want to work, but they also want to bring along our young people and postgraduates, and create scientific, research and industrial groups from them

And they are doing rather well They are making progress in different fields: genetics, biology, digital technologies, artificial intelligence, and robotics In other words, it is not something like ‘just let them leave, and another generation will arise’ No, nothing like that That is not our approach

But it is a long and complicated process And how do you generally feel about the innovations of the last 20 years, I mean electric cars, iPhones, smartphones, and the like Technological progress cannot be stopped, nor should it be We won’t do this Do you feel at ease with that? I feel at ease because I do not use any of these devices

I simply have other opportunities I saw you calling my namesake, the lad who was skiing at the Krasnaya Polyana resort at your invitation You were using a smartphone Well, indeed, I was calling I did not catch what model it was you were holding

Your friend Peskov gave it to me so that I could call In all other situations, it is much easier for me to use a dedicated secure line to be connected to any number

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