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Punakha Valley & Dzong, A Must visit place in Bhutan, INB Trip EP #28


This is where we stayed yesterday Hotel Terrace

We didnt stay on the terrace We had a good room This is at Lobesa in between Punakha and Thimphu Today we are going to Punakha There are lots to see there

We are going to see those Oh! What to do? All are saying I am making Emil do all the work ThatHe should drive, clean the car, cook food, wash the vessels, wash clothes Thats true To be an actor what all he has to sacrifice There is a movie of Mammooty where he struggles to become the best actor Any producer or director seeing this please call him He is taking so much pain to be an actor But, you shouldnt take him and make him do all these there

So lets go Our vehicle is moving through Lobesa city You can see fruits and vegetable markets on both sides of the road Its so nice to see this All are happily doing their business in the morning

We are at the entrance of Punakha city Its 20kms from here We are going through a village now There are no grapes here We shall see if there are apples

If you pluck an apple, you will know for that Thats true Look at a small monument on the middle of the road We will be going through this way and crossing that valley you see there Thats our route

Punakha city is what you see far there Its a small city The river that is seen here is Puna Tsang Chu Good water is flowing here This river is flowing between these two mountains We are at one side of a mountain

The water is very good A light green colour like Kuru kumsam sam is the name of this bridge Look at the flow of the water Its flowing in good force

There is a rafting place here Wow! Nice Listen to the sound Sounds like we are going in a train We have crossed the bridge and reached this side Saleeshetta, did you notice one thing? You get the feel of a sea here

You feel the waves here You can here the sound of the waves too Its flowing in that force and its windy too Its when the wind is blown, the wave feel is seen You can see it for yourself The waves look like its being hit on the sea shore

But this is a small river Bhutan is a place that doesnt spoil nature at all They maintain the forest and elements as it is We have to accept that for sure I am very much impressed by the nature love of Bhutanese

The country Bhutan has majority of forest so we get that feel too Bhutan population is almost 7-8 lakhs of people When you travel by road in Bhutan from one end to another, its 600-650kms Its almost our Kerala or Karnatakas size but this is a country of its own Bhutan doesnt have states like India has Instead they have districts like Punakha district, Thimphu district, Paro district etc

I dont know how many districts they have in total But its district wise here So when Indians come here and travel from one district to another, They have to have permit for themselves and their vehicle If you dont take this and you get caught, then you will have to pay a heavy penalty or fine

We have got permit to travel till June 1st Before that we have to exit Punakha and enter Thimphu By June 2nd, we have to be out of Bhutan Otherwise the King might give us a big punishment Dont know what it would be

Just joking The King here looks like Jetley He is very handsome and good looking You can see the King Queen and the childs photo everywhere you go Emil, look at that tipper going over that bridge So its strong for sure

This is not Panchavadi bridge, its Bhutan bridge Panchavadi bridge has gone Now its Palarivattom flyover This is Bhutan bridge Palarivattom is a highlight of Ernakulam now

What are you doing? A small spelling mistake here Lets avoid a big mistake and make it smaller This came off Now there is only No to Plasti The C is missing We shall cut this and make a C No need let it be there

What are you doing now? Whats this NO PLASTI? Its better to remove the whole thing then Let them thing its another language PLASTI! We will not throw this here This is Punakha Dzong We had already said about Dzong in our previous video Its is their monastery plus administrative office

Punakha Dzong and Kings palace is together Everybody comes to Punakha to see this Its beautiful to see it on the river side We have stopped our car here to capture this beautiful view See how beautiful it looks There is a bridge there

The car should be parked this side and we should walk over the bridge and go to the Dzong See how beautiful it is You will die taking photos in Bhutan Its that beautiful How is the Dzong? Its superb But this looks more beautiful than the other

Thats because we are above and thats a bit below us We are able to cover the whole in a picture Emil, take lots of photos Can post them in Instagram Punakha is known to be the old capital of Bhutan

All the cities in Bhutan have a Dzong Dzong means that there will be a monastery and an administrative office in it We had seen Thimphu Dzong one day It had the Kings palace in it Its the same concept From Thimphu, its nearly 2 hours to this place via Dochula Pass

If you want to come here, you have to take a permit Its 300/- per head to enter this Dzong Wherever you pay an entry fee, a free guide is also included which is a plus point for tourists We have taken lots of beautiful photos from here Now lets go and park our car there and enter the Dzong

Emil, we havent eaten anything We shall have some cucumbers from her and go 30/- for one She cuts it for us Add chilli powder also

Everybody here speaks Hindi When he called someone Thambi, he understood that also We called a Bhutani Thambi He came and asked us Thambi is Tamil? And then you asked him what is Thambi? The best part is that he was walking away When Saleeshettan called him Thambi, he came back happily to take a photo

Our cucumber is ready here All of us can share and have that Nothing for us? 2 more please Give us big ones We didnt have breakfast

We are hungry Shall buy 2 more and have Today we shall have natural breakfast Its very tasty Its not bitter, right? Their chilli has a special taste

There dont powder it Its like chilli flakes They just crush it So its fresh and doesnt have anything else added to it Hold it together and have

The problem is that I have cut my lips When chilli enters its going to burn We saw another vehicle like ours But this is discovery Pune, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Patna, Sikkim to Bhutan

Thats their trip They have amazon basic things on their carrier Discovery Sport We have been seeing this vehicle often since few days Its an MH registration They would also say the same seeing us You can see a market as soon as you get in

Here also they are selling cucumber Looks like cucumber is famous here Might be from their local harvest This is the entrance to the bridge to the Dzong You have to take a ticket from here

They have timings Winter timings are from 11am-1pm 3pm-5pm People coming here to enter the Dzong should dress up neatly Never wear anything upto your knees

Even if its men, shorts are not allowed Entry fee is 300/- for adults Students can show their id card and get a ticket for 150/- Look at the construction of this tower Like we saw last day, its made of rocks and the doors of wood, A guide here in their Bhutani attire Hi

How friendly they are Now lets enter and take a ticket Then a guide will come with us Nischal has started his duty by taking a photo for a family When I told him I shall take a photo, he asked me to move from the frame He threw you out! We should be sincere to our job

How can a person peep into their frame like that? You become and actor and come back We shall give back for all these Hope it works out We took 3 tickets of 300/- It was written that they will not accept the new 2000, 500, 100 notes Thats strange

They accept only 100/- and 50/- Its written here Luckily Nischal had a 1000/- Bhutan note He gave that There was guide inside

He took the ticket and said, when it becomes a group of 30 we shall go So till then we shall wait, take photos and enjoy Now we are at the bridge over the river You have to cross this bridge and then go to the Dzong Have heard of 18 steps

This is like 36 steps Will have to climb all these and go now I am still not out of the tiredness of climbing to Tiger Nest Climbed with full enthusiasm But this looks so beautiful

When you are climbing the steps look down and climb It becomes difficult when you look up and climb They have done this long back in the sense of protection You can climb up and remove the steps They just lift it up It was there at civil wars

Once its lifted up then nobody can get inside Thats the technology We are going behind the guide Lets see what he says This is the monastery

We went inside and the guide told us a lot o things Its just amazing inside there Look at the art work No words to say The camera is not allowed inside the temple

But we cant see so much in detail from inside Here outside I can shoot Theres nothing that we can say about this You have to come and witness it Its too good

Lots of things to come and see and understand Its deep in history The national tree of Bhutan is Cyprus tree The work here has been done with that tree There are more than 100s of pilliars inside Its the Kings summer home too

The Dzong has been divided to two Where I am sitting is a watch tower Opposite this is the monastery part And on the other side its the administrative part Its a very good concept Those coming to Bhutan should surely come here and experience this place

Tiger Nest, Thimphu Dzong and Punakha Dzong You shouldnt miss these 3 places of Bhutan Here you are not supposed to take photos inside the monastery They have a bell here like we have in temples But you shouldnt use it

You will be fined If you ring that bell, the monks will come running Got to know lots I liked it a lot You just came out Didnt listen to what the guide said

I am feeling very tired My legs are aching after the Tiger Nest trip Saleeshettan and I came and sat here He took the short cut whiich was steep and now is suffering Its not any easy route

We took the long route which was slow and steady They took the long route and I took the short one Saleeshettan always says – In business, life and trekking never take short cuts So you suffer They have made tiles out of rocks

This is what is used for ceiling roofs It makes the place cool Even on walls you can see these placed side by side This is a small passage Look at he width of the wall

Its will be 5 feet They have used wood on the floor This is the same one used inside the monastery also How beautiful it looks I just loved their designs and colour sense

Look at the windows How beautifully they have worked on it Small parts with the same paintings Inside the monastery its mainly Bhuddhas statue They have the concepts of past Buddhas, future Buddhas statues

Then they have Padmasambhava He is the one who implemented Buddhism here in the 8th century Tiger Nest was his monastery That was built by him Padmasambhava is also known as Rinpoche

We had heard this name in a movie There was another man as Father Of Bhutan A person with a beard Cant get his name If we say anything wrong, you will find the correct answer and make fun of us

Outside is so beautiful so you can guess how pretty it would be inside So you should come here and see it for yourself Now we are entering the administrative section Nobody is seen here because the people here have gone to Thimphu for 6 months Thats why it is closed

Now we have to get down these steps just the way we climbed up Its steep When you get out, you can see another building connected to their Dzong Lots of Buddhist monks there We are not allowed to go that side

You can see lots of bougainvillea and the lavender flower trees here How pretty they look There are so many bee hives here It looks like a fan when see first If you squeeze them you will get nice honey

This was a beautiful frame to take a photo We took photos You can see it in Instagram The bougainvillea grows to this size Thats huge

How many years old would it be Never knew this would grow this big Look at it What you see here down are the flowers that you saw quite some time back Its full of that flowers on the floor

How pretty it looks This is the Dzong we just went in We had crossed this bridge to come from that side to this side Now we have to go back the same way Its a wooden spring bridge

It has spring action Saleeshetta, why are you little weak today? Looks like its going to rain The light is less Its making us feel weak No energy How about having tea? There is a market there

Lets go there and have a tea and see what else is there KIA has not come to our place yet It looks good But the features inside are less Lets see if we can get tea from here

Old Town Cafe Punakha Looks like no small shops Nothing here Only the name old is there Look at the 50/- tea Looks good once its is served I ordered a lemon honey tea

They have given me hot lemon water Tea bag is also in it We have to make it as strong as we want and add honey and drink We have ordered for fried rice and chicken chilli too Can I get a crane to lift this mug and have tea

This cup would weigh 1kg The big cup is worth the amount we paid Its tasty If it was a bit more sweet would be superb Dont have rice then

But here they dont serve much of sugar Its very hot and heavy Ordered chilli chicken But the chicken wasnt too good It was tasty

But the chicken was very dry and hard This is the chicken fried rice served for 160/- The presentation is suberb but quantity is very less Looks beautiful The rate must be for the looks

I would finish eating when I start itself Start just from one side We bought just one thinking of sharing I shall divide this to 3 now This is Japan peach

It looks like our apple but they say its peach Its very small Then they have plum 40/- for each We shall buy 1 pack each

This is some leafy vegetable like our spinach Is it sweet? Anyways lets buy one pack each Shall eat and see how is it Both are variety fruits Shall buy one each

80/-They all understand Hindi Some dont speak fluently and some do They went wrong She was going to give me 50/- Then they said something I doubt they increased the rate for us Thank you

They had said 40/ Either they didnt understand or something else Now we shall have these Its been given in plastic We will eat and then dispose it correctly

Shouldnt we wash these? Its sweet I swallowed a seed earlier Will it grow from my stomach? Just dont pour water All simple people They sit and do their business

Look at the buildings here They are small hotels I think Most of them are selling green chillies and cucumbers That is what is grown here mostly now Look at the way she is carrying her child on her back She is buying lots of chillies

Green chilli is an important ingredient in Bhutanese cuisine Usually hotels have pickle and salt on the tables Here they keep chilli flakes and salt That chilli is very tasty too They would have mixed something in it If we were going straight home, I would have bought a sack of chilly and gone

Lets eat peach and see what it is Should know if they cheated us or not The cover is sticky over it How is it? Try it out People in the Gulf bring dried peaches Have you tasted it? They make squash of it Its a variety fruit

Look they are selling pickles and lassi here They have made lassi and kept it for sale Is it sweet or salt? Just the plain one They have lassi, samosa that looks like banana fritters, chilli bajji, pickles etc They have momos also Instead of eating that fried rice for 160/-, we could have momos from here

It looks good That wont be expensive too Might be 50 or so That tea, fried rice and chilli chicken all costed us 500/- We should have eaten momos from here instead of all that

I know you will eat all this That why I had 2 samosas from here before We are finding all the right and wrongs before our viewers come here Select what you want We are ending this video here We saw the Punakha Dzong

Dzong is the best place to visit here Now we are going to Bhumthang valley and other Eastern Bhutan places Shall see all that in our next video So see you in the next video Until then this is Sujith Bhakthan, Saleesh and Emil signing off

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