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Problem Solvers: Rashid F. Davis, Founding Principal, P-TECH


We only have a short shelf life A moment, to make an impact

I was raised in the poorest district in the bronx So I saw inequities as a child But I was surrounded by love and understanding And so, I'm the principal who leads with love Because I know that education creates opportunities even where they don't seem to be possible

Education inequality is a problem that affects each and every one of us How do we close the opportunity and access gap? How do we think of connecting high school, college, and industry? Together with IBM, we created a whole new kind of school called P-TECH Within six years, students can graduate with a high school diploma, college degree, and a pathway to a competitive job The students are showing that if you give opportunity and access and support, that the odds can be beaten Today, there are 200 P-TECHS and more than one hundred thousand students around the world It's a game changer

And that's why I'm doing this work

Source: Youtube

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