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Precautions to avoid dangers by Battery Explosions – Tech Talk (தமிழ்)


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In this episode of Tech Talk, Let's see about the precautions to take to avoid dangers due to exploding batteries A boy belonging to UK, his Samsung Tablet got overheated and caused fire in the bed But luckily the boy who was sleeping in the same bed escaped without any injury Last year a company’s CEO Hassin’s Phone got busted while charging, unfortunately he died Death due to these kind of explosions are not new

There are many instance happened in India also Before few years don't forget the Note 7 explosions The main reason for these devices to get exploded is because of battery inside it To avoid problems caused by such batteries, let's see about some precautions which we can follow First don't use third party adaptors or charging cables

Instead of these duplicates use original accessories only If you're going to change your phone battery, tend to replace it with same manufacturer Even when you are gonna change the battery, don't change in any local shops Instead change only in authorised Service Centre Don't keep your smartphones or any devices in direct sunlight

When you are charging your device, don't keep in any flammable objects like cloth or paper If your phone or your hands are wet, don't try to charge your device Dry it properly and then charge Finally the most important thing, never over charge the phone When it reaches 100% or before, remove it from charging

Don't put your phone on charge while sleeping and don't let it charge whole night and moreover don't keep it under your pillow while sleeping Try to follow these steps which I said as much as you can If I have left any thing and if you have any points to convey share it in the comments section below Friends if you like this video, give me a thumbs up Share it with your friends who loves tech

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