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Pre-installed Apps Not Safe | Dangerous/Risk for your Smartphone?? | Urdu/Hindi 2020 | its_faique


Hello! my name is faique ahmad and you are watching its_faique Basically , I read some articles and i read a article which are written on a pre-installed apps

Means when you buy a new mobile you see a lot of apps which are pre-installed So i read a article written by google about the security of pre-installed apps When I read this article i am shocked that these preinstalled apps are so dangerous for our security In this video i will talk you about these preinstalled apps so you stay with me and we started the video

Basically , if you have the amount of 30,000 PKR rupees you can easily buy a good smartphone with all great features And you also see a such type of features which are availabe in 1lakh rupees of huwaie and samsung flashships devices So you think a little bit how these companies provide such a good features in very cheap price You all know the game of adds which these companies add in their smartphones and earn money to these adds and you easily disable these adds This companies also earn a lot amount of money with these preinstalled apps

This is the main reason these companies provide a lot off good features in very cheap price Means these companies installed facebook,instagram and alot of other apps and games and take a large amount off money with these adds So the user use these apps without install again and the profit goes to that apps which are preinstalled and companies also earn a lot with these apps and provide us good features Before some years there is no problem with the use off these preinstalled apps and also no risk of privacy and security But now google invest the security issue of these preinstalled apps and prepare a report which are shown you on screen

In this report google cleary says these apps are caused the virus and malware and also slow down the speed of mobile And these apps reach our storage, camera and gallery and distrub our security completely and one more problem these preinstalled apps transfer all over data to the 3rd party Means these are so dangerous for us If you buy a new mobile then google and I also personally suggest you that When you buy new mobile which are mostly people buy and you plan buy new smartphone after lockdown So you don't use preinstalled apps Buy smartphone go to your home and check all apps A to Z And uninstall all unwanted and major apps also that are already install in your smartphone And those preinstalled apps which are not uninstalled you should disabled or force stop to these apps Then create your account go to playstore and download the latest version of those apps which are verified by play store and google

You also don't install any app with other 3rd party link because once these apps contains a lot off virus and second these apps don't tell us the permission to install So install any app to play store which are fully secured by google and other brands More you see every permission of that app you are install in your mobile

And you know this app totally and their reviews etc So i only tell you in this video that how these preinstalled apps damage our data and why companies installed these apps in smartphones I hope you enjoy the video if you then hit the like Also subscribe the channel so when i make any interesting video then you receive a notification See you in the next videoTake CareGood Bye

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