Portraits with the 108 Megapixel Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

#ad Head to the park with me and the Galaxy S21 …

63 thoughts on “Portraits with the 108 Megapixel Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

  1. Yes! I'll be upgrading to this phone. My current phone is so old and I'm ashamed….. Photos and videos were great Manny! 📲✔🔥🔥

  2. The one downside to small mirrorless camera phones like this is that there is no flippy screen!
    C’mon Samsung, it’s 2021… put a tilty flippy screen on it already!

  3. Manny. as am an Indian we don't have that kind of a budget for a camera or a lens .. but as an artist, I see your vision and the fact u want to share these photography related things to us new or pro photographer I personally don't think that you would reply yo my comment but I can say that I wld follow ur advice for any other videos …Do take this as a consideration s we Indian don't have that u US guys have but we do have the passion for the photography that you have
    so pls do support us guys with ur reviews
    I know u like the newer mirrorless cameras but as they are expensive we can't afford them but ur advice are very affordable for us pls do consider that

  4. I truly don't understand the need to have 108megapixel on a smartphone and on a so small sensor, it has no sense… The main reason why photos looks great on smartphone nowadays is because there is a ton of built-in picture treatments. It's not a bad thing as far as anyone can take a good looking photos straight from the phone, but some features are sometimes too exagerated.

  5. For social media, I’m sure it works fine for most instances (excluding low light). For a phone camera, I’m sure it’s one if the best. Me, I’d rather rock my old 12mp phone and put my money into FF or a decent crop sensor. I can’t imagine how noisy low light pictures would be on it with all those megapixels crammed on that small sensor. It fits a niche though and hopefully pushes the camera industry to do better.

  6. Im gonna guess the process8ng and compression on a weak phone codec and bitrate is ehy this looks crunchy and over sharpened to all hell? By that i mean the video the photos are a different story

  7. Just ordered my s21 today after 3 years of rocking the note 9. Came here to see if I made the right decision as a dog breeder and trainer who takes a lot of animal and moving working shots.
    Glad I saw this video can't wait to get my phone now.
    Thanks for this video

  8. there's no doubt that cellphone cameras have come a long way and you can get some excellent results. If that's all you have on you at the time, go for it.
    I use my cellphone camera for quick snapshots. I started with film so I'm old school. A DSLR will always be my go-to camera for anything serious.
    But kudos to Samsung for doing a great job.

  9. Okay i get it is pretty good for a phone, so what is it worth in US dollars? $999.00 you can buy a Canon RP body, okay need a lense (nifty 50) but this will give you far better quality. I think everyone forgots how expensive phones are these days.

  10. We all know it’s about the lens and the light and the photographer. I know Samsung probably won’t let you do
    Comparison videos. But hey it’s better than no camera.

  11. A phone like this can be a fake 24mm, even fake some deepth of field, of course it can't replace a real one, but who cares, nobody will zoom in to see the details on socal medias.

  12. The video was not that sharp…it was actually bad. The image stabilization was good but the video was just not. Manny did all that he could…still just a smartphone camera.

  13. I see you shot unedited and edited. Did you edit on the phone? If not, can you do this again (even if right outside on your block) while using just the phone's editor?

  14. Mehh colors look awful and tbh picture doesn’t look better than an iPhone 5s picture. If someone would tell me I can choose a Fuji XPro 1 with 16mpx or this Samsung, I'd take the XPro hands down. And if I need a phone for well used as a phone and like snap some pics once monthly most phones will be OK to do that

  15. Thank You Manny for some smartphone portrait photography tips that i can use on my Oppo 🙏 Hope to see more content with this kind off photography in future 👍👍 Best Regards from Poland ✌️✌️

  16. do it again, in the newest Firmware version, the portrait mode can use the 3x zoom. so, you can choose between main camera wide, cropped main camera wide or real zoom lens.

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